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My dashboard is not showing the gigs tab

Hi i am new here I want some help regarding seller dashboard. My dashboard is not showing community, gigs and other tabs please tell me how can i see my gig impression, clicks and views.

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Are you on the buyer side or the seller side? You might need to switch to seller.


I have done this but still not showing

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Take a screen shot of the header on the main page like this.

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Wow that is indeed strange. Maybe send the screenshot to Customer Support so they can have a look.

Click on 3 lines with Fiverr logo because the page is currently in mobile view.

Change zoom to see everythingcha cli in Dashboard


Kindly change the zoom setting, if you’re zoomed with 125 then you will only see exactly you shared, get your zoom setting with less then 110 & you will be able to view all tabs of dashboard.


Please zoom out in this page…

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As everyone has suggested you need to Switch to Selling and then reduce the zoom in your browser settings on the right hand side.

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thanks you so much :relaxed:

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Thanks for your good sugession.

Same problem, but zoom won’t work.