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My Dashboard Thing-a-me-bob is Back!


Hurrah! Thanks to some wizard behind a green velvet curtain at Fiverr, my dedicated dashboard button has been restored to its original place on my dashboard taskbar!

No longer will have to click on my own face to see my orders in queue. Instead, I’m now always just one slight little mouse venture and click away from having all my to do’s right where I need them.

Thanks, Fiverr. I knew that you cared really and I knew that you would see sense eventually.


Sorry Andy, pulling this on you, cuz u 2000 & late…


Do your worst. I’m happy. You can’t change that and I don’t care if I’m late for the party. It just means that I was working God damned hard while all of you were standing around with nothing better to do than compare dashboards.

Yes, I might be behind the times but at least I’m living them right on the front lines, battling to pay the wages of the people that hold up our little pink balls in the first place.

Good day to you too Mr. DJ God Knows Everything Before I Do.