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My days on Fiverr seems to be over

I am a level two seller and I have earned more than 4k USD in past 1 year on Fiverr. My gigs were popular. I used to wake up with 2-3 orders placed. I kept working hard. Did everything that needs to be done. I don’t have even a single negative review under my belt. I was hoping that I will be TRS very soon but my dreams were shattered and since last 3 months I have no sales I earn 10-15 USD per month that too from my older buyers. No sales from any new buyer.

I changed my GIGS, updated GIG pictures, tried Video intros, Shared my gigs on social medias, but of no use. Now I believe Fiverr has forgotten me and I will not get any work here. I contacted support as well they are saying we don’t promise any sales Its a platform where you have to sell your services.

I have seen lot of success stories of Fiverr and hoped that 1 day I will post 1 too but never thought that MY DAYS WILL BE OVER SOON!

Good luck to all the sellers but 1 advice just don’t rely on Fiverr only. Keep yourself updated on other platforms too. Otherwise you will have to post something like me!!!


Sorry to hear your story. My story is eve worse though. I am looking forward to reach level 2 seller, but that doesn’t seem doable in near future. It would be nice if Fiverr did some major help with marketing because that is our main problem. I am offering my services on Fiverr because I am not good at marketing. They charge 20% and no benefits at all.

Other freelancing platforms are charging 10% or less and they are doing much more for both sides freelancers(sellers in this case) and clients (buyers in this case).
If they would invest half or even third of the fee in marketing our gigs I believe all would benefit. We would have more sales and they would earn more money from our increased sales so everyone would be happy, but I guess they have different business model and different priorities as well.

As the time passes I am getting impression that Fiverr become place for graphics designers and voice over actors only.

Unfortunately, I feel the same. I am very thankful to Fiverr since it was of huge help for the past year, especially since I live in a fairly poor country where even $5 means A LOT. However, the last two months were awful. Averaging $30 per month only. I also used to wake up with 2-3 orders but now it seems like a dream, for real… I don’t know what to do. I got some 3/4 stars ratings for not being able to deliver early, got some unexplainable negative reviews as well. But I still have good overall rating. Then I activated vacation mode on for 10 days because I didn’t want to disappoint more customers (I had zero free time because of college obligations). And after that, my gigs simply disappeared from search engine. Hopefully Fiverr will take them up a bit soon, but I am really not sure about that!

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Dont give up Mate, keep trying?

You can make 12 more gigs, try a service which is related to your graphic design business… for example, make a website for people (they need pics and logos which you can make and outsource the web designing stuff) well there are numerous ways to earn and lvl2 status will give you a boost if you dont give up…

Just think of such ways where your skills are required if fiverr’s organic search isnt helping you…

Befriend other sellers, they can give you work if you are good enough to tie up( i am not saying you’re bad or anything but this is the way i type :stuck_out_tongue: )

well keep hustling mate thats all i have for you…

I am sorry to hear that, you just need a little patience and things will be alright again, some more faith and work will start getting better, this is not the end but you can try other platforms as well.

In 2013 I lost my job and I used to make more than 98% of people in Jordan (where I live)
that means I had one of the highest paid salaries. I was like alright, this will be a new start I wasn’t really sad at all, I actually was very happy and I was like I shall take advantage of this and just start my own business.

I partnered with two people, and I started a business, and it took too much effort an effort of 6 months, working 13 hours a day, I spent too much money and nothing seemed going well, my two partners cheated on me, I lost an 8 years relationship and it was just a very bad year.

Lost a job, lost a business and lost the dearest person to my heart.

I gathered my pieces and stood up again, I had a friend who works in one of the most reputable and prestigious companies in the world in Dubai, he was like why don’t you come over. I was like sure I don’t mind.

I bought a ticket to go for an interview, and the day I was leaving to airport to fly we had a snow storm, I made it to airport despite of that there were no cars no humans no one on the streets. And almost had 10 accidents on our way to airport, anyways we made it to airport. Sadly the flight was cancelled, and I talked to a person in the airport and he said you can wait for the next trip.

I waited for the next trip, however there was no next trip at all. And I was like my only option now is to buy another ticket from another airline company.

I went and asked for a ticket and the guy who sells tickets told me that there is a flight and available seats in the next flight in 2 hours. I told him alright I am just going to withdraw some more money and come back to you to buy a ticket. He said alright please rush.

I went to withdraw money and came back to the guy, he said the trip is cancelled.
This time I knew this job is not meant to be for me things just happened, and I could see it clearly that it is just not for me.

I left the airport and I was kind of sad but I kept smiling and kept reminding myself that something better is going to happen.

Anyways this was the end of the story, however I am in a much better position now than ever before, I became more mature, stronger, and more confident, I learned a lot and I am still learning.

My journey is not over yet, I have 10 years of experience in the IT field, however my plan is to read the top 50 software engineering and programming books within 2 years. We always learn and you will keep learning until you pass away, never stop & never give up.
I know after two years I will be somewhere else. (Who knows) it all is about opportunities and finding your ways.

Beside the things I do, I am starting a business in China soon, and will just go a different road maybe, it’s not over. Keep trying and good luck.

All the best :slight_smile:

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Very inspiring, thanks for that.

Hi, have you looked at Buyer Requests? You can generate your own sales and I am sure there are many opportunities for you on Fiverr.

My 2 cents, unless you dont have something unique on fiverr you cannot sustain the monthly sales. I saw your profile and you offer designing services which i believe over 60% of fiverr does or maybe more. Fiverr has an algorithm that advertises level 1 sellers through various marketing campaigns and once you’ve taken off with a good monthly sales, then you are on your own.

Make sure to make friends with every buyer you possibly can and have them refer you to their friends, offer a discount to them if you do get a reference.

Again good luck and lets pray fiverr takes care of us in the many years to come.

That’s sad on our part that we are waiting things to just happen and that is why we are facing this situation. Anyways lets hope for the best. Good Luck to you my friend!

Let us hope for the best. Good Luck

Thanks a ton for your valuable advice. Though I have done everything you have suggested because I keep on reading forums to revive my lost business but that was of no use. Anyways thanks for your concern. Good Luck!!

I am already level 2 and have more than 500 sales but lost my track after they introduced GIG packages I suppose

That is very inspiring my friend. I hope you get what you have dreamed for! I am sorry for your loss but I also believe that whatever happens it happens for good. So something bright is written and will soon be visible. Thanks for your words of inspirations. Good luck for your future endeavors.

Thanks mate! I already tried it but in designing on 1 request you get 50+ offers so i am not that lucky with it. Anyways Thanks for your concern.

Thanks for your concern Mate! I know I am at my own, They have already given me the sales initially. But now a days I feel ignored so I am frustrated.

What are the odds? I replied to this thread TODAY, and now I have 3 orders waiting in my queue! Man, it feels great, I gotta admit. Hopefully it will continue!


wish you luck Deepak. What I heard was every seller experience such things in fiverr(ups and downs). Don’t give up! Your day will come soon again!

Thank you guys.

@deepakkochhar please don’t give discounts, the problem is not the prices at all, just stay strong, steady and be faithful.

I actually raise my prices when I don’t get sales lol.

That’s life and you are still young whether it works well for you on fiverr or it doesn’t, the key is to just be faithful.

I am always like that if not now maybe later, other people are having it worse than you and everyone is getting a piece of the cake, some get more cake than others.

Some deserve that big piece or pieces of cake and some are just completely lucky, life works like that.

Sometimes things happen and we just don’t understand why.

When life gets hard for me, I remind myself that I might die after a minute or I might sleep and never wake up so what am I worrying for?

Good luck :slight_smile:

Don’t give up mate, I also suffering from dry up sales since August till now and counting…
As a Fiverr TRS I can advise you just don’t give up, maybe go take a break and do something else, learn something new, then soon your order will get back on track. This is my experience on fiverr for all these years.

Yeah, we still need to pay our bill, feed our family, but that’s life as a freelancer.

From many other stories it seems you are not alone. I remain unconvinced it’s sellers themselves that is the problem. There have been multiple changes on fiver over the last few months and something clearly has changed, but not for the better it could be argued. I am lucky enough to have a thriving website and fiverr is not my main income, but I completely understand if fiverr is your main income then the changes must hit hard.

I would imagine fiverr is under a lot of pressure to deliver for investors and they will try new things, but for me simplistic is what made fiverr the great place it is to begin with. I just hope they keep things simple, because simple works it always has.