My days with fiverr


I joined fiverr a months ago as i came to know about it in a newspaper. I had a great experience of making presentations but no one was appreciating that, then i joined fiverr and gave it a try. At first i was sure that no such thing is going to happen. How my gig will appear among those 100 of top rated seller. But still keeping the faith i created a gig, and after a week i recieved a email from fiverr saying - ‘Congrats, you got an order’ And i was like wow !! And then got a 100% rating, a positive feedback and then i never turned back. So fiverr is not a place just for fun or time pass. If you want to show your talents and monetize it, this is the best place. And believe if you do your work seriously, deliver it in time, build a nice relation with you buyers, then it may give you an stable income too.


Hey i know that feeling of getting that first order. Once you start earning a nice reputation in your reviews, it only gets better.


yeah !


Congratulations! I’m curious–was it an add in a newspaper or a story about a seller/buyer?


Thanks! I read in newspaper as an article which was about Internet !!




awesome :slight_smile:




awesome :slight_smile: