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My deliver button is gone


Im trying to send my work but the deliver button is not there, i even tried different browers?? How am i supposed to send my work.


Same here…I am confused…


Its just came back now, that was strange


Yeap, mine is back too :smiley:


Same here. I messaged customer support. I surprised.
Now it’s fixed !!


in that case that time the site was in maintenance don’t worry it w will fix it ASAP,


it has gone again now…


Mine is also gone now. All my deliveries are late due to this!


Same here. :frowning: Probably is a bug


Mine just gone too! What is going on?! Any official reply about this issue fro CS???


I’m also experiencing this and have orders to deliver right now.


same here, Some orders have button, some orders doesn’t have.
New delivery button dosen’t have colors like before. colors help to easy identify modification or late delivery like wise.


Deliver with your mobile. :slight_smile:

Just delivered a order with the mobile app


Where is the new delivery button?


Mine too…No delivery button here


Please see this here:


Please see the post here One of My Sold Orders Is Acting Weird [DELIVER BUTTON MISSING