My Deliver is Flagged


Well my buyer wanted “bitchy looking model” And when I delivered I writed “Bitchy blond girl” and my deliver is flagged and I can’t deliver on time now or what ? Can somone from staff help me please

@I suppose that my message is flagged cuz of B word.


Think you need to contact CS - no-one here can help I’m afraid.

Are you also adding links outwith Fiverr like you did in your post?


Well I did showing my buyer pictures etc. And after that I had to upload file to my buyer cuz File was to huge…And what is CS ?


CS = customer services

Please don’t post links outwith Fiverr to buyers - you will be suspended or worse.


Yea but problem is that those posts aren’t dangerus and beside they are not flagged,delivery is


It doesn’t matter if you regard them as dangerous or not - I regard your link in your initial post as suspicious, so I won’t click on it.

If you send a link to a buyer which isn’t included in Fiverr’s ‘safe list’, they won’t like it.

And, yes, probably using the B word didn’t help.


Then how the hell im gonna upload file from 500MB and more to buyer ? when limit is what 150 i don’t remember :open_mouth:


There are ways around it - maybe you should read some more: