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My deliveries work isn\'t showing up on my Profile

From last 3 week non of my delivered work is shown on my profile even buyer made good reviews.
Also i’ve talked to buyers that did they hide their work from showing up on my profile. And they also confirm that they did not.
Whenever i talked to fiverr they always said your buyer don’t want to show his work to shown on your profile.

Will anyone help to resolve this problem…

It happens with many people. you can contact with customer support and let them know about it…
Thank You!!

Is your live portfolio switched off? Maybe that is the reason none of it is showing up. You have to switch live portfolio on for every gig individually.

I think shounak10 has got it right. Make sure that you have not switched off your portfolio. It also happens that for unknown reasons it switches itself off. - John

From where i can switch on it.


The option comes up when you click on the arrow to the right of every gig in the ‘My gigs’ section.

Thanx but that option ia disabled there for that gig. I can’t check or uncheck. :frowning:

You might contact Fiverr CS. They take care of things especially bugs, really fast

Is it a bug for a single gig… :frowning: i think they disable that option for me ( don’t know the reason ) but the live portfolio option is disabled there in my gig section.
A gig of mine was denied a few days ago due to title may be this is because of that. :frowning:
Any suggestion…?