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My delivery flagged as a possible Terms of Service violation


I had a custom order from a regular customer which I have just finished and delivered but instead of the delivery message going through like it normally would it’s been suspended for review. I’m a bit puzzled as to what would cause this, there is nothing illegal/offensive in the order or even suggestive of that.

The only possibility I can think of is that I did use a .zip file (due to the large number of files in the order) to deliver it where as normally I send the files individually but I can’t find anything that indicates .zip files are verboten or require special screening.

Interestingly the delivery countdown clock is still ticking away, although I still have a couple days left on it.

Has anyone else on here had a delivery randomly flagged or flagged for using a .zip?


If it did not violate TOS, the message will be cleared for viewing in a few hours.


It’s gone through now.