My Delivery on Time Percentage Disappeared


I had a 100% Delivery on Time and it has disappeared for several weeks now. I have contacted customer service several times and it is still at 0%. Can this be fixed now, I need some help.


It looks as if you might have only delivered on one order in the last 60 days. As you didn’t get an outstanding review, I am assuming it was late. If that’s the case then your delivery on time will stay at 0%. You need to deliver something else, and on time to get it to change.


Please be advised that the last transcript I did was delivered on time. I have contacted Fiverr Customer Support on this very matter because this was a new client to Fiverr and she sent me a message via Inbox with the word email, she wanted to know if she could email the transcript to whoever she wants when she received it, and I answered her message saying 'yes she could email the transcript to whoever she wants when I delivered it to her. Now your Fiverr system saw the word email and withheld the New Client’s Transcript and then after holding her transcript, I then saw a message that the delivery was late. However at the time when I saw the Fiverr Message that the New Client’s work was being withheld, I sincerely apologized to her and then had to message her Transcript via my Inbox to her. This was her first time using Fiverr and I know that Fiverr has certain measures in place regarding communication with the Clients, but what happened was unacceptable for the Client’s transcript to be withheld when she asked for a specific delivery time. I am asking that my delivery be rectified and i would be very happy to speak with the Management of the Fiverr Team because there are many anomalies that needs clarity.


Rightly or wrongly, the delivery was late.


I prepared and delivered the transcript before the time it was due, so I did not deliver the transcript late. Fiverr kept the transcript and delivered it late to the client