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My delivery time gone to 0%

After a month fiverr evaluate the profile and then gadge the measurements of your performance. My delivery time was on 50% because I delivered the ordered but client ask me to do minor editing on banner so I did and the deadline crossed. After that I was continuously seeing my delivery time at 50% but now few days back as I don’t have any project or work my delivery time gone to 0%. Does anyone know what to do and how to bring it back to 100%.

If you want your rating to rise again, deliver more orders – on time. The reason your rating dropped is because you have had few to no orders, and the one order you’ve been working on was not delivered on time. If you think there is an error in this calculation, contact Customer Support.


Thanks for the advice

How do I contact customer support to fix my delivery time

How do you imagine they will fix it? It based on the amount of orders you had in last 60 days and amount of orders you cancelled. There is no other way to fix apart from completing more orders. It’s not a bug for support to fix it.

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If you delivered on time and buyer asked for a revision, it doesn’t affect your delivery time. You probably delivered late on this or other orders.


If you delivered order on time, and buyer asked any revision after ! that will not affect your delivery time !

Now this is weird ! if you dont have any new order and you didnt deliver anything to anyone , your delivery time should not drop !

You have to work hard to get more orders and deliver on time then your delivery time will climb up. Or you can wait 60 days and see your stats back on 100%

If you see that you cannot deliver in time its better to ask the buyer for more time through the resolution centre. This will completely help keep your stats crisp clean.

when you deliver the first time, do you send it as a delivery, allowing buyer to poke the order into revision? because if you do that and the first delivery is on time, and within the scope of the buyers requirements (within reason) or your agreement, then you should be safe

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