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My delivery time is acting weird

So I had “100% delivered on time” thing on my profile. However because of a client who kept rejecting the order and late replying to my messages I delivered something a few days later but he gave me 5 stars anyway [this happened last month I think, when I had my last order also]
My “delivered on time” dropped to 80% , I knew it will reset at some point but now I see it dropped to 67% :o I didnt get any new orders anymore since that late delivery. Will it go back to 100% or stay like this until I eventually get a new order I can deliver on time…?


It’s calculated based on the last 60 days from today.
It’s normal as your on-time delivered orders are dropping out of the 60 day period and the late order has more weight.
For example, if you had an order that was delivered 61 days ago from today then yesterday it was part of the calculation and today it’s not.

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So after 60 days I will get back to 100% even if I dont get any new orders or if I do get and deliver them on time?

Yes. If there are no other issues.


Okay, usually no issues with me, thanks! :slight_smile: Gotta wait.

Also if I may ask, so I dont start a new topic, my seller level also dropped because of this. I was level 2 then downgraded to level 1 and then downgraded to no level…
Will it also get back at some point? Or I must receive new orders. [ I am pessimistic about orders because I havent gotten any in a while anyway and I am worrying its because of that one late order that messed up everything]

First 2 levels are only based on metrics. If you get your delivery time under control you’ll get your levels back one by one.

However, don’t wait for the badges. Work on your gigs to get orders.

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Trying my best, Thanks :slight_smile:

After the days cycle of calculation(like 60 days) your stats will be ok. Happened to me

I had a quick look and your gigs and I think there’s definitely market for it.
If your last delivery was a month ago and you’ve tried everything you can think of then I would recommend hiring a consultant. That one late delivery might impact your ranking, but it doesn’t stop you from getting orders.

Your gig description, marketing & package structure are holding you back :wink:

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Thank you . I agree, I was never good with marketing. Well actually all the fiverr orders I got were from sellers I met on there. I dont have many followers on social media who would click on my links so I rely on whoever finds me on Fiverr.
It happened to me last year to not get any orders and them somehow all of a sudden I got 5 orders at once. Then no orders again and so on. And each time I panic.

Will hire someone to optimize my description and package because I am not very good with words.

Me too, but I always like it to be the way I do it. You are free to hire, I am not disagreeing, it is just my opinion

Why is my rating N/A? Its above 4.5

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Oops! That I think got some problem with cache, clear cache, data and log in again, hope it works

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Nope. It not just in the app :frowning: Should I message CS?

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sure, that is what support is for