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My Disappearing Gig

I had a successful gig for posting product, website and service reviews. The gig has somehow disappeared.

Two weeks ago, I started a discussion in the chit chat forum about a concern I was having with a particular buyer, who remained nameless. After posting that discussion, my gig was moved from the active status to the pending status. However, when I click on ‘Pending Gigs’ from my back-end page, no gigs are showing.

Has this happened to anyone before? I am worried because most of my sales came from that gig, therefore my positive reviews are now gone.

I put a ticket in for Fiverr customer service, but I thought I’d check up on here to see if anyone can offer advice.



i have same problem

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for the info. One of my GIG disappeared in the same way from search list, I opened a TT 2 days ago, Didn’t get any answer yet. But I guess now I know what happened. I used same pics and same headline on that GIG. Thanks again.