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My Dream to be a Top Rated Seller Will Never Come True!

I think I chose proper category to post this and hope someone from Fiverr will see this! The same time this is my protest against Fiverr rules! Don’t get me wrong, I like fiverr a lot so take this as a suggestion, not real protest! :slight_smile:

So I completed over 1.000 orders with 100% feedback (only 2 thumbs down for which I can even give proof they are not reasonable) and contacted fiverr support about becoming top rated seller and do I need something else to do to make my dream come true!

And I just got answer like this:

"Sorry, but your Gigs don’t really fit with what our editors are looking for in Top Rated sellers at this time. :("

First I was thinking like: "Ok, There are a lot of really amazing gigs on fiverr, creative, beautiful, funny, strange, unique, etc… My gigs are just about selling guest blog posts, they have right, I do not qualify!"

Then I did a small research to check about other top rated sellers in my niche. Then I realized that a lot of people offering “rubbish” and even illegal services are top rated sellers.

So my niche is “internet marketing” and “search engine optimization” - building backlinks. A LOT of fiverr gigs on that topic and a LOT of top rated sellers. What I do for $5 is that I (my sister - writer) writes a review or guest post about buyers desired topic and without “overpromoting” put a link to buyers website/product. Anyone in internet marketing business will know that guest posting is one of the top popular techniques and used by top class websites. Of course my blogs are not top class but what people get for $5 is what they cannot find online for less than $20 comparing my blogs to what is usually sold at forums and also here on fiverr!

1 - Who are top rated sellers and above me:

  • People who sell services like xrumer and senuke link blasts - using software to make thousands of blog comments and forum posts.
  • People who offer youtube views like 10.000 or facebook likes/shares/friends or tweets or google pluses!
  • People who will offer thousands of other links just for $5 in 1 day like backlink pyramids or linkwheels

    2 - Categories and logic ?

    Recently fiverr introduced categories and one of them is “online marketing” with subcategory “blog mentions”. So if there is such category I expect logically to have top rated sellers in it. So why I could not become one of the top rated sellers in “blog mentions” category if that exists? :slight_smile:


    Let’s make it clear. I am happy that I sell like 50 gigs per month. I also do not have problem with people selling above mentioned things because it is a buyers choice to pay for that or not, fiverr just connects them!

    So, this is like a suggestion. I agree if fiverr tries to promote unique and really amazing gigs and I admit my gigs are not amazing. But in that case they should “clean up” a bit their top rated sellers base and remove other people from my niche and give it a fair chance to everyone :slight_smile:

    p.s. I hope I will not get banned because of this, I just wanted to share my honest opinion in order to help fiverr and also me! :slight_smile:

Actually, my suggestion to help buyers and sellers would be:

In a gigs list they could just organize that a bit better and put some more info but to fit nice (not to be mess) where they can add info like number of thumbs up.

I think a lot of the time to be a TRS you have to sell quirky/weird/silly gigs as well as getting decent feedback, delivering quickly and posting on here in the forums.

I wouldn’t worry about it. As long as the orders keep coming in, that’s all that matters. Some TRS on the home page only have like a couple of orders in their queue whereas you seem to have quite a few, so if you think it’ll help you get a significantly higher amount of orders, well that’s debatable in my opinion. :slight_smile:

You may be right but maybe not, some research is needed for that :slight_smile:

Actually, I do not only sell here but from time to time I buy gigs and first I filter them by rating and cannot miss “top rated” ones but regular ones I can.

Because, even if gig is without any feedbacks it will be marked “top rated seller” because he published that so you know that he will probably do that as good as other gigs.

We need answer from someone who is top rated to tell us if he started getting more orders after became top rated :slight_smile:

You’re not going to get an answer.

And even if someone from the Fiverr top brass reads this they’re not going to comment on it. I have no doubt that now and then they check out the forums, but probably not much, and they wouldn’t say they were the top dogs.


The truth is that Social Media/SEO sellers will probably never get a Top Rated badge. The ones you talk about that are TRS got it from selling unique gigs, then jumped into social marketing/seo.

I could be wrong, but doubt it.

The funny thing is that in all honesty, social media and SEO gigs really do pay the bills on Fiverr. From what I can tell it’s among the top categories and good sellers have always have loads of orders. (And this is from 1.5 years of checking gigs). And yet they’ll never get a Top Rated Seller badge. Or, maybe I should say it’s unlikely.

With all that said. So long as you’re getting orders, doing a great job and keeping your reputation up… the badge doesn’t really matter.

My only real complaint about all this?

Fiverr shouldn’t call them ‘Top Rated Sellers’.

That implies they are rewarded for excellent service in their respective fields and keep a top rating. This isn’t the case.

I think Fiverr should change the badge name to something like: “Fiverr Staffs Top Rated Sellers”.


Ahem… :-h

Hi @ozzieuk.

I’m not sure what that means???

I’m in no way trying to imply Top Rated Sellers don’t deserve the badge. Clearly you have to work just as hard and keep an awesome rating.

Reply to @bigbadbilly: I do sell SEO services myself, but becoming a TRS as you know is up to the moderators. But you know things like being super active in the community etc all add up in my eyes. No one for sure knows the full criteria, but hey I sell no more or different being a top rated seller, it is after all just a badge, that’s not to say I’m not grateful because I am, it shows my customers that I strive to be their go to guy for my services.

You all do an incredible job be that “Sheep” “level 1” “level 2” or “TRS” don’t beat yourself up about it, continue what you’re doing and keep your clients happy :slight_smile:

which kind of seo services ? and also, maybe fiverr changed their rules about that and earlier it was possible to become trs with seo services?

Allow me to be blunt here. In case you haven’t noticed, let me bring this to your attention. FIverr is full of Clicks. Its the popular kids and the less popular kids. This phenomenon starts in school and builds throughout life. That is just the way society is formulated. You simply have to accept that you are not in that Click or that you are not a Popular Kid. The give away to all this should have been the fact that there are no set rules to becoming a top rated seller. You are chosen by the staff. That right there should tell you not to bother griping. You dont become popular by griping. I will never become a popular kid but you know what, I don’t give a %#^$ about that. I’m here to make money, not to be mister popularity. I gave up on that all the way back in high school. Popularity doesn’t come from being a top seller, or making Fiverr a ton of money. It comes from whatever the heck they want. It is purely subjective. So, enjoy your time and make money and don’t sweat the little things. Being top rated is not a big deal (at least not in my eyes). Making the best of what you have is.

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@ozzieuk. I agree 100%. It’s just a badge and I gave up on TRS a long… long time ago. I’m just not good with what the ‘Emoticons’ mean. Never really used them. But at the same time, like you say, it’s nice to gain some recognition.

@beatcraigslist. I agree here as well. I’m not trying to be the popular kid. I’ve already established that with some of my previous postings on other topics. LOL. You are right about the life thing, but I’m not sure that applies to Fiverr in general. Maybe here on the forums, but not on the sales pages. I’m guessing that only about .0001 percent of Fiverr traffic uses the forum, and you can’t really get that popular with an un-interactive gig page. Ha ha. But you are also right as well. Just keep doing your thing and trying to grab Fiverrs. It’s only a badge.

My previous post was just my thoughts on getting a Fiverr TOS badge for the original poster. My personal thoughts are, like I and you guys just said… It’s just a shiny badge!

… I will add though… I does irk me sometimes to see some sellers (Nobody in this thread LOL) that have a quarter the amount of sales as say… me, lots of negative feedback, close in category match-ups (Or the same) and they are a TRS. Like all you guys, I work extra hard to keep my Feedback level and the recognition would be nice. But also, not required. LOL.

Reply to @beatcraigslist: Who ever mentioned “popularity” ? So you wrote one long post about popularity and that has no connection with what I write about.

You said you are here to make money. 99% people here are to make money. And I am here to make money! I just wanted clarification why I cannot become top rated seller. Again - top rated seller. Not top popular seller or top popular guy. I am not native English but for me “top rated seller” means just that, seller who is top rated. Again, not popular but rated.

My opinion (maybe wrong) is that top rated sellers have more orders and I want more order to make more MONEY and not to be popular.

So there are 2 points in my post:

  1. I think top rated sellers have more orders
  2. I think it is not fair that online marketing seller has a lot less chances to become top rated and earn more money.

    I am maybe wrong in both statements but I am here to discuss that. And that has no connection with popularity.

    p.s. Maybe the problem is that I told not nice things about selling what you sell - facebook likes? I still think that because for me that looks not natural to pay for likes. See, even what I do is not so “moral” - I do not say I am a good guy. I just wanted to share that qualification for “top rated seller” is probably not equal for everyone even in the same niche.

I think you misunderstood my post. Maybe because you are not a native English speaker you did not get the full meaning. Top rated seller in this place does not mean that you are the best in your field. Top rated seller is just a fancy badge given to people that the Fiverr staff has hand picked. That is where the term “Popularity” comes in to play. You have to be “popular” or “Liked” in some way to be hand picked. That is why I mentioned that it is purely “subjective” meaning that the staff will pick you out at their whim. What ever strikes their fancy is why they pick someone to be a top rated seller. Not based on your amount of sales or amount of positive feedback. Its not like getting level 1 or 2. It is a “Popular Choice” category. It’s the same as why does a man like a certain woman over another woman. Not because she is a harder worker or dresses better, but because something about her strikes his fancy. Hope you understand better now.

PS: Being a Top Rated seller will not help you with orders. It will do nothing for you except give you a shiny badge next to your name.

Reply to @m2webs: Perhaps Fiverr Should introduce a Level 3 Status. If you are not deemed Top Rated Seller after 1000 Gigs sold, that seems rough. I don’t understand why there isn’t a natural graduating criteria like with the Level 2 criteria.

As I understand it, Top Rated Sellers are personally chosen by the Fiverr Team, which I think is subjective. It is the same with Gigs being Featured by Fiverr, they are personally chosen by Fiverr Team. Guess that’s their choice to make.

Reply to @beatcraigslist: Maybe we may focus our discussion on that badge only and what influences are there if you have it. So let’s focus on money!

In that case I am maybe wrong and you are maybe right. But my opinion is that top rated seller badge will give some % more orders. When you enlist what you want it just can’t be seen and probably more people will click someone with that badge.

Other thing is that (if I am right about more money for top rated sellers) that many people have less chances to make money because someone in their niche has a badge and they do not. Also, even if it is just a “fancy” badge with no meaning they do not give it fair way in many cases.

I am talking about internet marketing category only. If they do not want to give it for example to me or you who work in IM category then almost noone in that category should have it (if they do not do other things along).

Why? Because almost complete IM category is only about not so “moral” gigs. All the people there (with me also) offer promotion of some kind which is PAID and not natural.

For example, why “video testimonials” gigs can have the badge? You are talking what is said and nice thing about anything it is paid to talk about. So FAKE testimonials qualified for top rated badge. A guy is selling 3000 forum posts with backlinks for 5 using software. Top rated seller who will turn software on to spam hundreds of forums ? A lot of that kind of top rated sellers.

So, if fiverr wants to be fair they should either give more top rated seller badges to online marketing seller or to fix it by removing 99% of badges from people who do not deserve that :slight_smile:

Let me sum it up this way. Fiverr sees itself as more oriented towards the artsy stuff. So most of the featured gigs, and top sellers will be artsy in some way. Most of the technical, more complicated work will never see the front page. You can still find it, but you have to do a search for it. Consider Fiverr as being more what we call “Liberal Arts” oriented. The Technical stuff is put on the back burner. I don’t really know how many people buy a gig because it is sold by a Top Rated seller. I don’t think it would be that many. I haven’t seen any evidence that being top rated will get you more sales. It has more to do with yourself and your niche. Some people never make a sale and some people make tons of money from the start. I guess it is having a product that someone wants to buy. Some of the stuff on here I would never buy in a million years, but hey, someone else certainly does, so there must be a market for it.

I agree that there should be a “Level 3” badge also. It seems too top heavy the current way. Not that there are too many at the top, but that the top is so hard to reach. Maybe be it should be rated differently with a different name so that it implies more that the current Top Rated sellers are more Hand Picked by Fiverr because they found them to be outstanding in some way like creativity or something instead of implying something that isn’t real. Top Rated may mean Top Producer to some people but not to others. Maybe instead of Top Rated it should be something like “Super Star” or “Artist Star” or something implying the subjective nature of the selection process.

bigbadbilly said: Fiverr shouldn't call them 'Top Rated Sellers'.

That implies they are rewarded for excellent service in their respective fields and keep a top rating. This isn't the case.

I think Fiverr should change the badge name to something like: "Fiverr Staffs Top Rated Sellers".

Yup. Quoted myself.

Reply to @bigbadbilly: Agree, or something like “editors choice” like many review websites have… That would be good.

Now I found one more thing as I decided to increase my sales :smiley: Their search algo is pretty bad I think. I typed “wedding” and got a lot of results.

750 results

without listing per rating - below #150

with listed per rating - my gig is ranked #40

What is strange is that there are results better than mine of gigs that have no connection with weddings and I sell wedding guests posts with wedding mentioned in keyword, description and title also. Another thing is that a lot of them better than me have a lot lower number of thumbs up. And to mention that my gig is in 120 collections.

Don’t get me wrong again, I am just analyzing things and as you I am here to make money. I suppose showing me a bit more up would increase my sales and also fiverrs ravenues :slight_smile:

After seeing this I do not really know how I get even 2 orders per day when my gigs are not ranked high :smiley:


I am trying to give them some feedback. Not that I love fiverr but I make money on fiverr and also fiverr makes money on me, at least they got around $1000 on my gigs :smiley:

p.s. My primary job is “search engine optimization”… Now I will sit and try to get a clue how fiverr search works… Is it again TOS if in future I have a gig like “I will help you rank your fiverr gigs higher for $5”? lol :smiley:

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Oh I’m that guy too, I have lot of hats :wink:

Just kidding, fighting against google is just enough for me :smiley:

At the and, I just own this fiverr account I do not do anything, my sister is my slave and she is doing all the work, I just take $2 per sold gig and my only job is to click “withdraw” to fiverr ravenue card button :smiley: