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My Dream to be a Top Rated Seller Will Never Come True!

My take on the Top Rated Seller label is there could only be a small number in each category, or it would not be a distinctive title. Hence, @ozzieuk is already that in your category and perhaps there are a few others that they have given that title to as well. So unless you outperform those sellers, they will keep the status.

Also, it’s a bit silly for people to debate that the name change when it’s not even clear what criteria are used to pick Top Rated seller.

The idea for a level 3 is interesting though.

Reply to @turbulentbeauty: I agree that level 3 status is interesting since “Top Rated” is a deceptive title. More like “Hand Picked”. Top Rated Sellers do not necessarily have more gigs sold or better feedback than other non-TRS’s. For most sellers, level 2 is the highest they’ll ever go creating a ridiculously HUGE category of sellers who have sold more than 50 separate gigs.

My dear also to come a Top rated …
fiverr makes my first dream comes true, i hope makes my second dream come true
thank you fiverr

I happened on to this old thread (2013) since someone bumped it recently. It made me think about how often I see posts by sellers who’ve had temporary setbacks and need to vent. I do it too! When you do get discouraged and feel you’ll never get anywhere, think about this thread. Read the subject but then click on the name of the top post author and check the level. :wink:

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I hear you loud and clear, my friend. I have a niche service with about 20 others and even though I am five star with over 100 100% positive reviews I still sit at the bottom of “Highest Rated” in my keyword. I’m out rated by folks with 4.3 stars or 80% reviews or ones that only have 5 sales…very frustrating.

Congrats for Your Dream to be a Top Rated Seller ! Now is True …

Sometimes it just takes a vent I guess.

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