My "Earned This Month" doesn't update


Hey, after i deliver a gig and someone recived it and added feedback also my “Earned This Month” sum , doesn t add the new earning (and the feedback is added in the same day > not after 3 days or so…)

Anyone havin this issue?


I was just discussing this issue with someone. I am having the same problem. I was advised to give up watching the “Earned This Month” figure and just ensure my Revenues were correct.


Well, that means i have to write down my revenues ??

I mean it is a bug or what? becouse it was ok untill 2 days ago…


I know that , but the “Earned This Month” table shows another thing… should i just ignore that? (thank you)


Well, the ideea is > it worked fine untill 2 days ago …then when a buyer was completing the gig, the amount of $ displayed on my table at : “Earned This Month” was just not updating!