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My earning from Fiverr


Successfully working at fiverr as a level2 seller and successfully earning.Please pray for me every one .

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darn it, mods got to it before I could post a reply.

oh well…


I gave you an hour, it took me that long to close my mouth again.


Yeah I was trying to put it into words.

I needed more time to process the drug lord-esque imagery.


All I could imagine was the Joker with a can of gasoline and a match…


It’s about sending a message.


What was it? I’m curious :slight_smile:


The OP put up a bunch of images of his cash, laying on the computer, supposedly in his hand and held up by his face, and so on and so on… I’m not sure what the point was, perhaps he will enlighten us.


Darn it! I didn’t get to see those images! :thinking: Now I’m even more curious…


O.P wants appreciation :wink:


Big ballin’


PLEASE I WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE! Please :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Congratulations, You are lucky so try to maintain your quality service


I’m guessing that it’s similar to “entrepreneurs” who take all of their money out of the bank (actually, usually it’s their daddy’s money), take a picture of it, post it everywhere and try to convince everyone that they’re super-successful, and then dutifully put it back into the bank.


actually, they keep $20 or so you know, for coffee and a cookie or something.


If their daddy allows it.


If coffee and cookies make for a successful entrepreneurship then I’m BALLIN…


is any problem for image ? I thought people will be inspire . That,s it. Thanks a lot.


No it was my earning my real earning from Fiverr . Sorry to say my Father no more . My Father has been died almost 2 years ago. Thanks a lot.


Is image posting with post a problem ? I don,t understand it. Thanks a lot.