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My Earning on Fiverr $500


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Great job! I’m not a designer, but don’t you think 3 logos for $5 is kinda free?
I have a friend who makes $190 per icon/logo! I wish to become a designer when I see her (I’m Jelly) :frowning:


Very very good.
I got 444$ in six months with 26 project with level 1,now I am reaching at level 2+ (80%) complete

Thanks u so much fiverr and fiverr friends.


Great!! I am a new seller, and don’t know how can I have the first job:grin:


First change your name.


you r right…


thank you…
and also congratulations to you…
keep it up.


hello @tutuhu
send buyers request daily its definitely works.


why i change my name.??


Congratulations!!! New to fiverr. How can start??


Hello @faruk93

Your starting for logo design??


Continue to earn. You are welcome


Basically i want to start with WordPress…


Thank you very much.


I don’t know WordPress.
But I know 1 thing Plz send buyers request daily.
You got order soon.


Hi there :slight_smile:

In beginning, you have to do daily buyer request, keep in touch with buyers and promote your gigs as much as you can… it will help you…


make gig which is unique and needful in fiverr market, these gigs will be attracted and you will get orders soon :wink:


Buyr must like your name so Claint attract


first thing is you can not change your username.!!


Great Job!
Congratulation! :smiley: