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My earning on fiverr reach the magic figure of $100,000


One and a half years ago when I joined fiverr, I didn’t though even in my dream that I will come that far. Yes my title is right I reach the magic figure of $100,000 on fiverr. And it not stopped yet. I can’t explain in word that what fiverr is to me. Fiverr is my life and my second wife. With this post I want to thank all my valuable buyers and all the users of fiverr.

I am selling facebook likes on fiverr. So in this happy moment I want to give 100K likes to the fiverr facebook fan page. I will wait for moderator permission.


All i can say is WOW.

I am overjoyed at the fact I just went over $150



Congrats on 100k ! Also I probably think it is a bad idea sending 100k likes to Fiverr’s Facebook Page.


have you reached the 100k yet or is that the goal? I have reached 4k so far in 2 years but the first year i was on here i didn’t really make much. within the last few months is when I have made the most I have ever made. These $20 and $40 projects really add up quick!


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: I already cross 100K.


Hey Many Many Congratz, That Is Simply WoW… I have made around $360 yet in around 2 months approx. :slight_smile: You are doing Great Job Keep it Up…!!:slight_smile:


thats really really good :slight_smile:

youtube_tube said: Yes my title is right I reach the magic figure of $100,000 on fiverr.
youtube_tube said: Already completed over 14000+ orders with a 100% positive feedback.

14000x$5=$70000 = $30000/$5=6000 orders missing?
Where is the rest of it?


This is a major achievement and shows what an amazing solution Fiverr is to people worldwide.



Kudos to you. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is wondering what your secret is (if you’re willing to share some tips). I think the majority of us are doing well to be averaging minimum wage on here. My income has certainly built, in the past 15 months, but, isn’t even close to your numbers. It is something to aspire to.


Geeeezzzzz congrats you all. That’s awesome. My gigs are slow trickles and I never see them on the first several pages, they are like the last pages in google that no one ever clicks that far back, hahaha. I must be doing something seriously wrong. :frowning:

You all keep up the great work tho :wink:


And do you have one gig? Awesome


Grats! But why aren’t you even level 1? The level 2 profile icon is very misleading, as you’re level 0. :open_mouth: Also, sudden 100k likes to a page is VERY BAD IDEA, like someone already mentioned. :smiley: Especially because they are not real, active people.


Reply to @solidslick: That was a old status, now the number of completed order is 21,000+.


Reply to @cybercube: No I have several gig. But sometime I have to pause some gig for a while because I have too many orders in queue.


Reply to @adsensewizard: I was Level 2 seller for a long time. But few days ago I was sick and I have to cancel lots of order. That’s why the LEVEL 2 is gone. But I know I will get that back very soon. And I am just asking for permission about the 100K likes. Not doing it right away. And by the way this are real likes, not fake. And sorry about the profile icon. I am changing it now.


Reply to @youtube_tube: Congats! I did notice something, You said the likes are real, but your gig says “real looking”. O_o




Reply to @rawsubstance: Thanks


why dont you have a level with so many orders?