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My earnings are always pending and have to wait after 2 weeks can be melted


Every time I finish my job and receive reward, but why my income always have to wait 2 weeks new earnings can be melted …?

Help me…
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According to the Terms of Service that you should have read before signing up, buyers have up to three days to accept a delivery then it gets auto-accepted. After buyers accept or it is auto-accepted, payment is held for 14 days and then released to you.


Hey @noormand14

You may wish to remove your screenshot since it displays your personal earnings for everyone to see.


Read the ToS.


Rules are rules, remember you ticked something agreeing to something without reading it when you registered? Anything that might not be to your liking was there and you agreed, if you have read them, it wouldn’t have bothered you now. 14 days then you can enjoy your earnings. In the meantime hope for more work and enjoy the fact that some earnings are on the way to your account.