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My "earnings" are not showing the correct $ pending?


Just found multiple orders where the pending earnings shows as $4/$8 etc. but when you click on “(view order)” the order was worth $15, $25, and more! It even says “You’ve earned $12” or whatever on the order screen, but on the earnings screen it’s showing as much less.

I’ve gotten in touch with Fiverr about this issue but I’m wondering how many times this has happened without me noticing, because to be honest I never double check if the pending amount is correct - I’ve just trusted that it is!

Anyone else had this experience? Was it resolved by customer support?


Do you know that on each orders you have, 20% will be deducted from the amount??


Yes, this is taking into account the 20% deduction. The earnings amount is still WAY less than it should be after the 20%


What was the response Fiverr support gave?


I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the earnings page, and a screenshot of the order that comes up when you click “(view order)”


They have not yet replied.


I think you should wait for their response and update us here


I definitely will! I’m just anxious that I’ve been paid less than I should have been and just haven’t noticed, so was hoping if anyone else has had this experience they can share! Thanks for your reply :grinning:


You are welcome


I really don’t understand what’s the problem. As @dux_marketer told you, Fiverr keeps 20% of the order amount.

So, for a $15 order, you earned $12 (15 * 0.8 = 12) and that’s what Fiverr is telling you as seen on your screenshot.


Fiverr break that earnings in 2 parts, if you’ll check again you’ll see that you have 2 amounts in pending connected to the same order: one for 4 dollars in pending for the tip and another for 8$. If you combine both you’ll get 12$ that fiverr shows on “earned” line


The tip is as a separate order. Also if they order the extras later after the regular order will be shown as a separate order on your earnings page.


… and as I said in my response to that comment, this is taking into account the 20% deduction. You misunderstood my issue.

Buyer spends $25.
I earn $20.
My earnings screen shows that I have only made $4 for the order. Not $20.

I understand that Fiverr takes 20%. That’s not the issue here at all.


Hi there, thanks for your reply. This is not just happening on orders where I’ve been tipped, though. It’s showing on a lot of orders where there have been no extras added to the order at all, including tips.


Hi there,

Can you please upload screenshots of this or any other example you may have?

Edit to add: As for the screenshot you put on your OP, the earning amount shown by Fiverr is correct.


Sure, I’ll try and upload a few more examples when I get back home


Hello @gwyneth_galvin,

I am sorry you’re experiencing that bug. Unfortunately, it is a pretty well-known known bug that pops up once in a while. And when it occurs, it doesn’t affect everyone either… just a few unfortunate sellers. Good news is that your’re not alone.

Here are a few posts on this exact issue that you’re facing (from not so long ago):

The sellers who’ve experienced this issue have said that the monthly earnings go back to the correct amount after 12 hours or so. Even if the value shown on the website might be wrong, I think the amount that will get transferred to your bank account will be accurate (cuz I think it is just a UI/visual bug, and not a bug in the actual “bookkeeping” data of your earnings which are stored in Fiverr’s system/servers). In any case, it is a good idea to keep CS updated.

Hope this help! :smiley: :snowflake:


Thank you so so much for your detailed response!! This is actually not exactly the problem I’m facing. I haven’t added up my orders to see if my “monthly earnings” is showing the correct amount, so that may be incorrect too, but that’s not the issue I mentioned in my OP. My issue is that each individual order is showing a significantly lower amount on the earnings page. So for example:

An order costs the buyer $25
I collect my $20 after Fiverr takes their cut
On the earnings page, THAT specific order shows as $4, $8, or any random number other than what it should be.

This is not only on orders where I have received tips. It seems to be kind of random. I will upload more screen shots when I can.


That is exactly the issue I mentioned in my previous post.

The total earnings for the month of January was not reflecting the correct amount because the amount shown for each order in the earnings page was lesser than the amount shown in the order page. :smiley: They’re both related to one another. :slight_smile:


As misscrystal said, Tip and other extras that was selected after placing the order, count as new order.
Like if you got $20 order and $5 Tip it will show 2 pending clearance order
1: $16 pending (which is the actual order) and
2: $4 pending ( For Tip)
But order page will show You have earned $20 even if you click on $4 pending you will see " You have earned $20")

Similarly If you got $20 order and later buyer select $10 gig extra.
It will show 2 pending clearance 1 for $16 and 1 for $8