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My Earnings have disappeared?

I have recently started working as an Affiliate for you and yesterday my commission was at exactly $160.00.

However, today my commission shows $0.00. Please can you explain this to me? I am aware I can request a payment at the beginning of each month but its obviously not the beginning of August yet, its a couple of days away??

Im quite concerned as I worked hard to advertise fiverrs services and it cost me to do so.

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Its queries like these that should be dealt with A.S.A.P by Fiverr - for the affiliates. I can get so many more sign ups and customers for Fiverr Affiliates but there’s no way I am going to continue all that hard work if it is for nothing. Someone needs to get back to me asap

Did you contact fiverr support?
If no, please contact support. They will help you to find out the issue.

This has been answered in the linked post above.

Yes I am still waiting.

Maybe I was stupid thinking they;d reply within 10 hours

No it really hasnt - I tried to reply and I wasn’t allowed. So no - you’re wrong

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Customer Support are very busy at the moment but will be able to help you.

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Sorry to hear about your situation, however no one here can help you with it. CS is extremely busy due to covid-19 at the moment so their response time is very slow. Might take around 10 days to get a reply.