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My Earnings Stopped ! Help


Hi Everyone,
I’m new to Fiverr forum, Happy To Be Here.

When I Joined​ Fiverr I Made My First Gig And Got 1st Order On The 2nd Day And Everything Was Fine And I Was Getting 2 Orders Per Day Or 1 Order Per 2 days,But suddenly no orders/Message hitting me.very sad.

If anyone can check my profile or something then I would really appreciate.



Your recent delivery was 1 day ago. You may not appreciate it but you have made a great start. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Think you just need to be patient. Good luck! :slight_smile:


You rating down to 4.7 in 7 reviews. It’s bad score :frowning: as a new seller you must try to keep 5star rating :slight_smile:
You can try in Buyer Request to get new orders :slight_smile:


The fact that your rating went down to 4.7 stars may have pushed your Gig down in the search engine. This could be a reason why you’re experimenting low sales at the moment.
Your tags are ok, your work is great, I second @wp_kid with going to pick jobs on Buyer Request, and try your best to get good reviews, so your overall rating will grow up again :+1:


Thank You So Much For Replying​ And Also For Your Help :slight_smile:


Ya, You’re Right.
The Thing Is I Always Ask My Buyers Describing Each And Every Element For Banner And Logo,The Buyers Who Tells Me And I Get Everything And Deliver Their Design They Give 5 Star But The Problem Is Some Buyers Who Don’t​ Tell Me Everything What They Exactly Want And Also I Provide Unlimited Modifications But They Even Don’t Take Modification.If They Have Any Problem They Suppose To Take A revision,But They Don’t Take Revision And Give Me less Stars…And The Surprising Fact Is They Write Very Good Review But Give Less rating. I Don’t Know Why.


As you’re newbie in Fiverr… So you have to increase your Gig impression by Good Gig Description / Perfect Featured image, Decent pricing based on your skills…
Other hand:

you can bid individual projects in buyer request. Submit cover letter based on your skill and experience. Explain how you can do their project.
Shere your Gig major social media platform like twitter / G+
maintain your Review

That’s it




Yes, That Might Be The Reason.
And Yes,I Check Buyer Request And Send Them Custom Offers But They Don’t Reply :disappointed:


Try with different approaches with BR, don’t use the same technic and check always to be unique in every offer you send :+1:


Yes,I Try My Best,
And I posed A Buyer Request Few Days Back But Fiverr Don’t​ Approved That,And Warned Me If I Do It Again They Can Restricted My Access To Fiverr.


Sure,I’ll Try My Best.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Oppss!! I didn’t mention to post buyer requrest !!

If you want to hire someone / you want something then you can post … But you can post a buyer request for advertise your Skill like : 1. I can design a logo in 5 min…

Don’t do this otherwise fiverr will Suspend you!!

You can go buyer request from Selling TAB… And bid any project if you’re skilled for that. And as newbie in Fiverr try to complete 10 buyer request in a day… hopefully you’ll become number 2 seller quickly




Oh Sorry,My Bad.
Ya I’ll Do That,But In Buyer Requests I Find Only 5-6 Requests per day.


This is the problem in creative sector :smiley: buyer thinks you have read his/her mind. You should always ask your client how can you improve more :slight_smile: You have to be more careful on next project. If your success rate go below 90% you will not able to send offer :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone who has contributed here. I have learned a lot from the inputs so far, moreso that I am a newbie. But all the same, I am a bit confused about buyer request. Can anyone help explain that better? Thank you.


You are lucky i got my fist order after 1 month :blush:


Okay, Thanks.
I’ll Remember That On My Next Design.


Maybe,But It’s Stopped Now :disappointed:


Don’t worry let them grow up mean time share your gig with social media try to drive some traffic


Sure, Thanks :slight_smile: