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My earnings withdrawals are not working, can't withdraw to Paypal-$1700 never made it to Paypal but nothing is wrong with my Paypal account, not a hack, a fiverr bug


I have been trying to withdraw my earnings to Paypal. It seems to go through as usual but the Paypal button does not become greyed out.

Each time, I get the confirmation message my withdrawal was successful, but the Paypal button never gets greyed out. I can use it over and over. It does not seem to work.

Has anyone else had this happen today?

Nothing is reaching my Paypal account.


Yeah. It’s a :bug:

I’ve noticed the same thing. I hit it a second time to see if the :money_with_wings: would double, of course, it didn’t LOL. On a serious note: It doesn’t bother me tho, as long as my funds reach my Paypal account on the first attempt, that’s all that matters.


So far mine haven’t reached Paypal. It’s a relief it’s not just me though.


It will take 24hrs for the money to reflect in your paypal.


Why? It usually gets there immediately.


Fiverr sees no reason my withdrawals are failing.

Paypal sees no reason for this.

Has anyone had this happen? My fiverr withdrawals are failing for no reason.

Thank you for contacting us again. I have checked your account and it does appear that your withdrawals are failing when withdrawing to PayPal. For the moment, we recommend that you contact PayPal at this time and inquire if there are any limitations on your PayPal account that are preventing you from withdrawing. At the moment, I do not see a restriction on our end that would prevent you from withdrawing.


I have had this experience with my Payoneer, I was asked to contact Payoneer customer service, As I speak it has not been corrected. I learnt some are able to withdraw their fund through Paypal but it will only reflect in 24hr.


The paypal button does not grey out when I use it. So I can use it repeatedly but nothing happens except the emails to me go out.


Geeze this is weird. So, your funds :money_with_wings: are stuck in mid-air.

The funds usually appear in my Paypal account within 1 minute maybe 3 mins the most - never longer.

Maybe try from a different browser? The website has been acting sluggish today.


I’m going to put that off for now because I would have to sign in with them and I use those to try to see where my gigs are showing on the site anonymously.

I remember a while back @sue_mcl had this happen and it went on for a few days.
I’m not sure if the same thing happened though where the paypal button didn’t grey out.


No for me - the problem was the paypal button stayed greyout out, so I couldn’t initiate a withdrawal - happened a couple of times, but that was a while back and I haven’t had any issues since.


Thanks Sue for the reply.

So no one knows what’s wrong at this point. Now I just have to wait…

It’s not working from the app either.

I was just told again by CS that I need to ask Paypal again so now I’m on hold waiting to talk to a manager at Paypal. So far it’s been ten minutes on hold.


I just got a manager at Paypal on the phone who assured me repeatedly everything is perfect with my Paypal account.


This time it does say on my earnings page “withdrawal initiated” and it does not say “withdrawal failed” and the Paypal button is greyed out. So far it’s not in my Paypal account and it’s been five minutes.

No luck. It did not get into my Paypal account again. It is back in my fiverr account.


I’m at a loss here what to do to get my money from fiverr, when a manager insists that there is nothing wrong with my Paypal account, same emails I’ve always had, same address, same phone number, nothing changes, had a deposit sent from fiverr 3 days ago, no one knows who or what is causing the problem.

This time there was a ten minute delay with the Paypal button greyed out so I thought it worked but then the money came back into my fiverr account.

"Withdrawal in Progress"

Did you try a hard refresh or clearing your browser?

Maybe wait until tomorrow to try again or switch to direct deposit instead?


Well this time it seemed to work. Then the money was back in my fiverr account after ten minutes.

Then, without me doing anything, it was showing $0 in my fiverr account, the button was again greyed out, but so far it’s not in my Paypal account. It’s been 15 minutes.

So the money is in the dead zone, not in fiverr, not in Paypal.

update: the money is back in my fiverr account again after about one hour.

At least it’s not exactly lost, just won’t go into my Paypal account.

And the only reason it’s back in my fiverr account is this:

I had a second browser open and used it, and it was still showing the amount in my fiverr account, when the other browser showed zero in my fiverr account.
So again I tried to withdraw it, and it failed.

So is this some kind of browser bug? One browser was showing zero in my fiverr account, one was showing the missing amount.

And customer support’s browser was showing zero, but having it showing on another open browser made it again show up in my fiverr account.

@Woofy31 any ideas?


Well, I just did a withdrawal and it went just fine on my end. However, the PayPal button not being grayed out is a bug that goes way back in time - I’ve gotten used to it, even decided to blame it on the browser, and I’d get worried if it would become grayed out :stuck_out_tongue:

But I did notice one thing, which made me blame the browser: after withdrawal, this balance page

will not show it grayed out. However, if you type some dynamic parameter to get a non-cached version of the page, such as

with a unique number or name every time you use it, in my case it will show it grayed out as it should be :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve checked the PayPal status page and everything appears to be working fine on their end.


After I click on the Paypal button the balance does not go to zero.

The button does not grey out.

The green message about the verification message appears.

I then click the link, the orange message shows that the withdrawal is in progress, I get the message withdrawal was a success, but it is not a success. The money does not come out of my fiverr balance, it stays there, and on my earnings page it says “withdrawal failed”.

Cs keeps saying it is Paypal’s fault but the manager was very positive that nothing is wrong with my account at Paypal.


Neither does mine, it never has, but if you do that URL parameter hack, you should see it 0 and the PayPal button grayed out - at least that works every time in my case.

Maybe you should ask CS to initiate the withdrawal on your behalf? :thinking:

P.S. I would still send screenshots of PayPal’s response and of PayPal’s Status page to CS, and ask them to assist further since it’s not PayPal-related, nor browser-related as you’ve pointed out in your case. Heck, I would even send a screen recording showing how it behaves.