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My editing/proofreading gig got denied for a violation I'm not even violating

Two rants in one week… I’ll admit I’m not proud of that. XD

Anyway, this is the reason for the gig’s denial according to fiverr: "Your Gig requires modification - By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities."

My gig has been around for about two years years and it has 100 or so 5-star reviews (no negative ratings). Nowhere in my gig does it imply that I do people’s academic work for them. Since when does editing a document mean writing the entire thing for somebody? -_- I’ll admit, I’ve received messages from people about me writing their dissertations, but I obviously declined. I’ve always had a sense of integrity.

I went in to edit the gig title to see if it would stop being in denied status. I changed it from “I will meticulously edit and proofread your document” to “I will provide editing and proofreading services.” I woke up to find that my gig was not only denied (again) and no longer appearing in search, but I was unable to go in to edit it. The only option in the drop down is “delete.” :frowning: I of course messaged the fiverr team about it and I’m awaiting their response… but really? There are gigs that literally say “I will do your biology homework” and those are still up… And a gig that NEVER implied such a thing got denied? I’m open to the fact that MAYBE, just maybe the new gig title has just enough ambiguity to make someone think it’s a homework-doing gig. But that would be such a stretch. Correct me if I’m wrong.

All I’ve done is correct people’s grammar and spelling mistakes and leave them feedback on how to improve their articles, blogs, resumes, etc.

I really hope my gig doesn’t end up being gone for good. I don’t like when I (or other sellers) get penalized for things they didn’t actually do. Now I’m starting to worry about my other gigs (even though they’re not violating any rules), especially the most popular ones that are the reason why I don’t need a second job.

Has something similar ever happened to you? What was the end-result?


Yes. Just get in contact with support, their algorithms are definitely not perfect.


I did, but it’s still upsetting that I can’t access the gig at this time. I sure hope that remedies the issue!

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If they allow you to edit the gig again, perhaps you could state in the description or in the FAQ that you will not edit or proofread anyone’s academic work?

They’ve been removing homework gigs recently, and I guess that they might think that students should edit and proofread their own homework, not hire someone to do it.


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Someone might have placed a complaint against you saying you did/did not do their homework etc.


That makes sense. Thanks for the tip! I’ll be sure to do that.

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Yeah, and because of me, they had to use that “my dog ate my homework” excuse. It didn’t work, so this is their way of retaliating. :sweat_smile:


UPDATE: Things are getting sorted out. The issue was that I said “major rewording is not offered.” That implies that I reword people’s documents still, which isn’t allowed. I also used the word “essay” in my gig description which I had to take out.

Fellow editors, make sure your gigs state that you DO NOT offer rewording and DO NOT do people’s homework or any other kind of work that is academic in nature.


So, even the Fiverr staff are making this mistake? I haven’t been accused of any violations, but I am so sick of these kids messaging me, asking me to do their homework for them. I initially removed the word essay from my gig description in an attempt to make them go away, but apparently I dodged another bullet in the process.

That said, I’m not sure why there should be a problem with re-wording non-academic work or simply proofreading and providing notes on an essay…


I think it’s been so abused, that fiverr had to be more strict and even restrict rewording gigs that are non-academic in nature. At least from what I can gather.

My editing gig is up now, which is a relief. I thought I was going to lose it forever.

This is what they told me when I asked if rewording/rewriting gigs for non-academic work aren’t allowed anymore:

“…if you are writing articles for non academic use (for blogs, marketing, etc.), explicitly offer only article writing and not homework or essays writing. If you are providing a different service, such as tutoring services or assistance in research or writing, you should detail the services you are providing (such as coaching on writing, best practices in writing/research, editing services, proofreading, assistance in online research, research analysis etc.).”

The frustrating thing is, I already have been doing editing for a client’s self-help book, in which he paid for moderate rewriting on top of the proofreading (just to improve the clarity of what he wrote). I’m already almost halfway into the process, but now I have to break the bad news to him. It’s a really big order too! :frowning:


Oh man, this is quite the rabbit hole. So, if someone submits an essay to me for proofreading and I come across a passive sentence and, yes, re-write it to be active, I’ve broken the rules?

Or have I broken the rules already by accepting an essay? Or, well, not “accept” since we don’t actually get a choice as to whether or not to accept something…so if merely having an essay submitted is breaking the rules, I’d need to cancel, increase my cancellation rate and get in trouble for that.


I´m glad for you that you didn´t lose that gig with all the reviews, Eva.

But what am I missing here? Why would you have to break anything to the client with the self-help book? Sorry if that´s somehow self-evident, but I absolutely don´t get it and would love to know where the problem in there is.

I double-checked my gigs to ensure there weren’t any wordings that would cause the system to pull it. I had to remove my portfolio link from my writing gig a few days ago because the system insisted it wasn’t allowed.


Fiverr is cracking down on links. I used to have a Fiverr permitted link ( in my description and several weeks ago my description was removed with a note stating I added an unauthorized link. I’ve updated it since and have spoken to support about it as well.


How did you get it resolved? I received the same warning message this morning. My gig is not writing or editing, but providing research and, like you, I’ve had my gig up for years.

I would say you can put in your gig description that you don’t do essays but it might get removed due to having the word essay in it.

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I was just about to use one of the allowed links in my gigs.

How has this worked out? Has customer support corrected it?


I wouldn’t advise against it though Fiverr removed the portfolio tab on the left side of our screens. After contacting support they said they were contemplating whether to have it or not.

They stated as long as you don’t have any contact details you should be fine.

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I’m happy about that too. It’s a huge relief!

The reason there’s an issue is because of the rewriting/rewording part of the order (but I started this order before I knew about this new rule). The other day, fiverr specifically told me “rewording” can’t even be mentioned in my gig. Instead of rewording, I can offer “writing coaching.” I’m probably already on their radar for my denied gig that accidentally implied I do people’s work for them. I definitely don’t want to push my luck. I’ve been talking to the buyer about this and they’re not happy at all. But it’s not my fault. At all. I offered him an alternative. Proofreading + extensive feedback in areas where he can improve the wording.

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I’m not 100% it’ll get removed because the word is in there. “Rewording” is still in my gig description, in the context that I don’t offer rewording. But that’s only because they closely reviewed my gig because I contacted them directly about it, so who knows.