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My email responses aren't going through

When I respond to an email. It looks like it went through but when I refresh my page. They disappear. This just started happening this morning. 3/14/19


On my inbox now, when I reply to a buyer or create a custom offer, it shows it, then when I refresh, NOTHING.
Then after 5 minutes or so, I see my reply…
It started to happen 1 hour ago.

And I can’t see my clients messages.
I see a notification with a message but when I’m opening the order page there is nothing


I am having the same issue.

I thought it was an issue with me only.
So I cleared the cache and cookies :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Now will have to log in for every single account… (FB, google…etc)

Same here…I think there is some technical problem.

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