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My emergency plan

I have like more than 5 years with this account and now I reactivate it and already passed a week and a half but I haven’t found a single work: ( what can I do?

i cannot get a presencial job and this is my emergency plan lol


Does your emergency plan include the marketing and promotional work that you should be doing to bring in new customers? Fiverr does not guarantee sales to anyone, so it is unwise to expect Fiverr to make you rich. Your gigs are a business, so YOU need to do the work necessary to make them successful.

What are you doing to connect to your target customers?


On Fiverr you tend to get visibility and interest based on your activity. Simply being active on Fiverr again isn’t going to make this happen.


This account appears to have gone!


Thats something new that 5 years ago didn’t existed, the last upload on the platform was make request but I cannot do it because 1 client canceled an order. Where do I find the “make promotion” button? I mean, this is all updated and I am not.

A business connecting to their customers is NOT something new. It has been this way business is conducted since the dawn of civilization. If a business does not take the time to connect to their target customers, they don’t earn sales. It’s as simple as that.

There is no “make promotion” button. You need to go out and do that manually. Study you target customers, learn what they need, determine how you can solve those needs, and than go find those customers – wherever they may be – and encourage them to hire you.

Fiverr wants freelancers who are willing to do their own work to grow their businesses. Sitting back and waiting for sales is not going to result in long-term success.

@gor13 Hello, are you aware you do not currently have an account?


Gor13 Welcome back to fiverr , Give your Services Some public Exposure to get Results!

It’s now about “working out your own salvation”.

Well said, a reality

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Fiverr today eat my 60$

What do you mean? Do you mean they cancelled your order? Because that only happens if you don’t deliver what you promised. You can appeal, and they will compensate you if there is good enough reason. Please provide more information and I can help you.

I also noticed in your bio you said you were a top rated seller, which you’re not, so that is misleading to buyers- which could be a cause of your gig cancellation.

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