My ever first BUYER to NOT be happy. What should I do?



2 days ago I got an order for $20. I spend 4 or something hours writing the article. That’s actually my top selling gig and people love it and always come back.

But just now I got this message.

“The speech is in no way the quality I expected. The jokes are bad and I cannot use any of them in front of my audience. There is no opening and closing funny lines which I suggest should be synchronised. The speech is all over the place. I suggest you cancel this gig because clearly you cannot give me the standard of speech I want and there is no point reviewing it. It is nowhere near what I want.”

I offered him to review it, told him I don’t want to have canceled orders because that lowers my stats and all, and I also told him he was the first client to not be happy. I apologized, and said I felt bad for letting him down, even after the fact he didn’t give me anything specific to work with. But by judging by his message, he will still want a cancellation.

He just mentioned 1-2 general things about him, nothing specific about the speech, and told me “go with it”.

I don’t know what should I do.

Cancel it, not cancel it.

What would you do?

I would totally cancel it right away, but the only reason I’m pulling back and asking you is because of this I read:

Why Is My Order Completion Rate Important?
Keeping a strong Order Completion rate is important because completing as many orders as possible is the way to gain revenue, build relationships with buyers, and grow your business. It is one way for you to track the quality of the service you’re providing on Fiverr, and can also be a factor that influences your Gig’s position in search rankings.

Thanks in advance!


I would not cancel because you risk losing your level. I am sure I read a thread today where someone mentioned that according to ToS buyers cannot cancel the order if you have provided what your gig says you will. I would worry that he has already retyped your writing and will use it, but get it for free. On the other hand, if you do not cancel you will more than likely get a bad review. So maybe you need to think in terms of where you can take the hit more easily. I am sorry I am not more experienced in this. I am a level one too. Good luck. :confused:


Thank you for the through reply. It’s just… I often get instructions and it all goes well. Or if I don’t get instructions, they’re surprised what they get in the end (more than expected).

Problem here is, he didn’t give me instructions.

Will quote you something:

I have a wife and two daughters if you want to add them. You can use hobby, daughter 1 and daughter 2 as names.

Tried to understand what “You can use hobby, daughter 1 and daughter 2 as names.” meant but…


Refusing assistance, in my opinion, qualifies the buyer as non-cooperative.

As a rule, I don’t deal with non-cooperative people.

In a circumstance like this, if I think that I have done my best to provide the service according to specifications, I would not cancel the order.

The buyer is free to leave a review, and you can post a reply to that review.


Just went and requested a cancellation.

I wrote him 3 long messages, but he didn’t care, obviously. He just replied:

“I don’t like the work so you tell me what to do.”

I guess I will take the “no work” option instead of the “1 star bad review”.

He just canceled it. Immediately after me sending it to him.


I read this as “work delivered without remuneration”.


@pacquo, exactly. I can’t really know for sure if he went and used my work, but I’d say probably, since I don’t really believe I’m delivering bad quality products. And he can save $20 immediately. If he didn’t really liked it, I could’ve just went and revised it. I offered him a brand new one, 2 times.

95% of my clients are American, Canadian and Australian. And this, the last one, which is not even a client anymore, from the UK. So it really makes zero sense.

I’m just realizing this is just amazingly bad. Anyone, literally ANYONE can go and get stuff for free.

Not to mention, anyone can bully sellers into revising stuff forever, say you put 5-10 revisions in your gig.


Why I choose to cancel it, quickly?

Yes, canceling can put a knock on my stats, but my time is valuable and I can’t continue having it wasted by a buyer, and possibly ending up receiving negative feedback, which would likely have a much worse impact on my sales.

I dealt with with things like that before, not here on Fiverr, and I had to put my foot down. I had an other business before and in a few cases buyers were very stubborn and would not agree to cancel. For the most part my Fiverr experience has been good, but I guess you occasionally run into this.

It’s hard not to discourage you, but we’ll see!


“told him I don’t want to have canceled orders because that lowers my stats and all”

Be careful with such things, if I recall rightly, I’ve read posts of sellers who got account warnings for such, ‘giving a customer a bad conscience’.

Else, if your jokes were too bad for his venerable audience, I wonder why he couldn’t afford himself the luxury to just pay those 20 bucks, tell his accountant to write them off and move on, but well.

Better luck next time.


Thanks about the “giving a customer a bad conscience”.

Didn’t know that. And I hope I won’t get a warning about this because that’d be insane. I went and canceled his order so I don’t see how “giving a customer a bad conscience” can work here.

Again, thanks.


In the past I met some buyers who refused to pay and insistently asked for cancellation.
At that time I often cancelled to avoid a headache just like how you did. Later when I check back, all of those profiles are banned from fiverr. Those profiles may belong to some buyers who abuse the fiverr system to get some free bites.
In some closed groups people share tuts how to manipulate freelancers - especially new sellers- to lower the price or even provide the work for free buy threatening to give rating or harassing the sellers until they gave up
After some advice from good fellows here, I decide not to give my work for free anymore. Not even with bad reviews.
You spend half a day to do your job and you should deserve the money.

This is what I learned from Mike: just pasting this part of Tos whenever a buyer request a cancellation after delivery - and tell him you are going to a bar with that money.
"Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.:


Thank you for the HUGE reply. I may probably need to gather a few more stars and then not cancel things like that. And I think I will re-write my description. I will write “I’m NOT offering funny articles” instead of “Funny articles”. This way they can’t later tell I didn’t cover their expectations. :smile:


I would have cancelled immediately when I saw the part he wrote about hobby and daughter 1 and daughter 2. That is so confusing and nonsensical that it is a red flag. If I saw a buyer who wrote that I’d hit the cancel button as fast as I could. You could have seen from that it would not turn out good.


Couldn’t have known. I have an American client who wrote something like that in the beginning, wanted articles for a website or something I can’t really remember, and he is still coming and getting only from me. Leaving huge tips too. He often says “Just write something cringy”. That’s it.


I’ve got a similar situation. After 27+ 5 star reviews and many tips, I’ve got this buyer that just made this account this month, called my service a “fraud” in the review and advised other ppl to buy something else.

If I refund the buyer, does the review automatically go away? Is there something I can do about that review, or will it always remain at 1 star even if the account gets deleted at some point?


The review will stay, even if you delete the gig. If you delete = deactivate the account and some day make a new one instead, you´ll start at square one, the reviews and all is tied to the username.

What you can do, is to think well about your reply to that review - a lot of buyers seem to rather pay attention to how a seller reacts to such a review than to the review itself, most people know that you can´t please everyone and sometimes issues can be on buyers’ side.

Another option is to appeal to Support to have it removed, but according to forum posts, they do that only very rarely, though they can´t say more than no, after all, so you might want to try.


Hi, I read your message with interest. I also recently had a cancellation where a buyer just went and ordered a gig without asking me. I was swamped with work, so I couldn’t agree to do it. He cancelled. But now, it reflects negatively in my stats …

What should I have done differently? Can you help with an idea?


You took too much time for too little money. Why not spend 1 hour, even 30 minutes?

He already wasted 4 hours, and if he refuses to revise the following will happen.

  1. Fiverr will cancel the order for him
  2. He will get a bad review
  3. The buyer will do a PayPal chargeback

Refunding is over better. Raising your order completion rate is easier than maintaining a 4.8.


I would respectfully disagree.

For me, it’s easier to keep a 5.0 rating than hoping to stop buyers who become giddy when they see a gig they fancy despite the fact they don’t really want to order it, but do anyway.


Happily, the stats—only you can see, from what I know.
You can add what I added in my FAQ. I’m not telling you to just copy-paste me, of course.
You can just see a few ideas, and re-write your gigs.