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My Experiance With Vacation Mode


So a couple months ago I had my first sale on Fiverr, it felt really amazing after completing it, now that buyer is actually one of my best friends (shout-out to michell)

this was the only sale I made after being on Fiver for six months, i wasn’t even taking Fiverr seriously at this point.

But after 3 days the strangest thing happened, out of nowhere I started getting messages from buyers,people wants me to do work for them, my email was bombarded with requests, I had all the mixed feelings you know of, it was overwhelming

In a single week I made it to level one, and the momentum of orders kept the same, I woke up every day excited to read the messages from clients and have some work! this Fiverr thing is amazing! I was like a kid who got a new toy.

now all this is good, I’m getting payed for doing what I love to do , what more could I ask for… oh wait I need a vacation!

so I had this voucher to spend three days in some hotel, and since there is a function on Fiverr called “Vacation mode” I thought why not give it a try, so I went for it… it was good.

after 3days, I came back so excited and ready for work, I activated my gigs once again but nothing was the same, no more orders no more people contacting me for work, it was dead again! what did I do wrong?

Is it because my gigs wasn’t showing in search results anymore? I was confused, and the situation didn’t change for weeks,all this was three months ago, and everything is still the same except for couple jobs I did for some returning clients I made at that time…

so after this experience I believe that the vacation mode is the reason this downward spiral, i tried it once and trust me I will never touch that button again…

I would love to hear what you think about this and if anybody had the same experience.




Reply to @jamesbulls: Thank you very much for your replay, and the valuable information I appreciate it, I will try it out and let you know the result.


It’s probably just taking the Fiverr search ranking system a few days to get you back into the stream. Also, I found that I had a similar experience when I first started Fiverr: I would get a lot of sales back to back in a short period of time, but then I’d hit a drought and not have any sales for a while. I think this must be related to how Fiverr automatically cycles sellers in and out of the search rankings. If it’s been a while and you’re still having this problem, then you can try updating your preview videos: I know from personal experience that the Fiverr system includes “fresh-ness” in its search ranking system, so if you update your videos you should get an almost immediate boost in impressions.


I’ve used the vacation mode twice so far, and after I got back the sales were slow for a while, but then they increased.

Now, if you had no sales for a long while, try updating your gigs, perhaps changing your description and keywords a bit, or creating a new gig or two, or promoting yourself through social media.


I used it once right when I started selling. One of my gigs (sing like Johnny Cash) had 150K impressions each day when I had a huge project that rolled in. I hit the Vacation mode button thinking it was like a faucet. Unfortunately, the big project didn’t pan out as my client was asking for a lot more than they lead on (I’m learning freelancer-lessons left and right). When the project fell apart, I hit the Vacation Mode button again, hoping the flood of impressions would return.

Nope. Never quite did. Now, my most popular gig is something that I wasn’t even offering at the time: Voice-Overs. Now I’m actively pursing Voice-Acting as a career option…

The universe works in mysterious ways.