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My experience about Fiverr Buyer Requests on UI design

I am Bashar Bhuiyan, a long time UI designer. And today I like to share my experience and some helpful tips for Fiverr buyer requests on UI design.

As you may know, it already, how most of the Fiverr purchase design services on Fiverr is by browsing through the search results on the keywords they are looking for.

However, some buyers on the platform like to put out a system on Fiverr called the Buyer request. It is basically the buyer saying, this is who I am and this is what I would like to get done. And is there anyone on this platform who can help me out with this project?

And turning this buyer requests into purchases and leads should be your main goal. So if you are starting out on Fiverr or if your sale for the month is going slow, it is always a good idea to dive into the buyer request section for a potential sale.

The first things first. You have to remember that you can only send up to 10 responses to buyer requests every day.

The second thing you should remember is to not send template responses for every buyer requests. Buyers can easily see through that and will not respond to that anyway. Try to personalize every response that answers all the questions on that particular request.

This will make the buyer know that you took the time to look through all the requirements and likely to take time to deliver them quality work.

The last thing you need to make sure is that the buyer request you are responding to is extremely relevant and applicable to your gig. Otherwise, it is not going to be a good fit and will be harder for you to win the orders.

So follow these tips and make sure to deliver great work so you can make a potential long term client.

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Okay. No. I’m done. Crackdown time.

Original tips. Nothing in your post is original or new.


Thank you so much! :grinning:

I’m with @imagination7413

Suddenly the world is full of posts and vlogs with nothing to say but look how clever I am.

The problem is that just about all of them:

  • have nothing new to say, merely copied from another similar post, with no actual content, let alone anything new,
  • many are just plain wrong, giving false info, indicating that the person posting has no actual experience or knowledge.

Maybe there is some similarly misguided/garbage idea doing the rounds that people think that making an ego post will accrue them some sort of Karma. Ok, if so let’s look at that: Karma is based on intent, so an act that appears well-meaning on the surface but is ill-intentioned in reality is judged (and repaid) in the spirit in which it is intended.

If you hope to gain goodwill, karma, juju, seo… actually do something of value, something that is valuable to someone else. Preferably an identifiable person. Directly help that someone in a way that they can action (whether they do is not entirely on you). This above is not that seeing it is vague, impersonal, and without specifically actionable items. Therefore useless.

And before you get bent at me, please understand that I am working on exactly what I indicate above I am showing you how you might change, how others might not get caught (and therefore catch others) in this cycle of garbage.



I thought I just share my experience! if some one got any help it’s good, otherwise it just my archive.

I don’t copy from someone! also sorry! if I did something wrong.

@ui_bashar - my biggest tip for anyone joining the forum is: Read First, then post if you still have a question or comment

When you read first, you will see many, many generous tips from experienced sellers who have thought carefully about how they’ve succeeded and how others can follow in their footsteps.

I see you’ve read for 2 hours, which is a vast improvement on many of the new posters here. But had you read for days (an absolute must for all newbies), you would have been very clear that everything you have said in your post merely skims the surface … and there are so many valuable posts with a great deal more to say.

I understand that the youtube gurus suggest posting in the forum will get you orders. It won’t.

What will get you orders is reading posts from generous successful sellers … and putting what you read into practice!

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Thank you! I will remember your valuable advice! you know I’m new here, so I thought there are so many people they just write their experience. so I just try to write about my own experience. even I don’t know how to choose categories to create a topic.

But there we go… what I got? I got some hateful and unwarranted comments. I’m not posting this to getting the order, I have enough order every month. also, I don’t have any Youtube guru as well.

You know what? I’m done!

Thank you.