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My Experience as a Buyer with Buyer Requests - Useful for Sellers

Almost a year ago I wrote a post about how bad the responses I got to a Buyer Request I posted were. I decided not to use it again as it was simply a waste of time.
However, as I was unable to find someone specifically offering what I was looking for, I decided to give it another go a couple of days ago.

Here is what happened.
I posted the request which was regarding advertising (don’t send me messages offering your service, you will be reported for spam) and it had a relatively large budget of approx $500 which could have been given to one seller or divided between a number of sellers.

Within 24 hours I had over 20 responses and here is where it gets interesting for sellers.
12 of those responses were from 1 or possibly 2 people using either 6 or 12 different accounts. Yeah, that’s right, and they didn’t even do it well - images were all similar Google images, the profiles were almost identical and the offers were exactly the same. 6 had one message, another 6 had a slightly different message. None offered anything specific and none gave me any reason to think they were in the slightest way competent. Interestingly, some of them had different prices.

So, I was down to about 10 responses.
The rest had generic messages from people who “can definitely give you the service you require”. None of them in any way explained what they were going to do for the money and none of them had read my request properly. If you, as a seller, think any buyer is going to place an order of $5(0)(0) without any definition of what it is then you are simply in the wrong business. Learn how to flip burgers and stick to that because freelancing is not for you.

So, in summary:
If any seller had responded with a half way decent offer, response or even had asked for more information, they may have ended up with a $500 order from a reputable and easy to work with buyer (me).

It’s possible that decent sellers didn’t respond because they saw the number of responses but remember this - for buyers, the responses are laid out well by Fiverr and easy to assess quickly. If I had received 50 or even 100 responses, it would have taken me 15-20 minutes to delete the rubbish and keep the decent ones. I vaguely remember it not being so simple, I don’t think it was possible to delete them in the past but now it is a lot neater and easy to work with.

I do understand that it is possible that there simply isn’t anyone offering the service I needed and that is why I didn’t get any good responses but I would find that difficult to believe - it wasn’t an unusual or weird request.

This seems more like a conversation topic than a straight-up tips post, so I’ve moved this to the Conversations forum. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I guess so - I have hidden the tips in there somewhere :slight_smile:

I am just getting started as a seller, and I am finding the Buyer Request section to be sort of diluted. There are sellers posting their gigs in the buyer request field, and it is particularly frustrating because I want/expect to see buyer requests there.

Okay, so I started this with my rant… but my actual point is, thanks for this. I posted a few offers, but noticed that my gig which was most similar to what the buyer was looking for already attached itself, so I wasn’t sure what more to add to my offer. In most cases I asked questions, and received a reply from 2 out of 10 buyers. I packed this away in my attagirl file, but still couldn’t find the value in the buyer request option. I do see the potential, but feel it is being abused. Now I see it is being abused from more than just one angle. That’s rather disappointing, I moved here from another site because I struggled to find my way into genuine offers.

I do have to say that I like the personalization Fiverr offers with the forum and conversation posts. This is nice. It proves there are real people on here. It gives a new seller hope.

I posted a request for a good logo designer once. I got about 15 generic responses saying basically “I can do it” and got 4 who offered to show me what my logo would look like first so naturally I told them to go ahead. There were really terrible.

It’s important to note that when you send a response the seller does not get your gig description, only the title and whatever you say in the offer. It is essentially a custom offer that you respond with so you need to be detailed and specific to be successful with them.
All of the sellers posting there are just idiots, unfortunately Fiverr isn’t doing much with them at the moment. Buyer request is also abused by buyers who are requesting ridiculous amounts of work/results for next to nothing so steer clear of those too.

At least those 4 had the right idea in their response but clearly are in the wrong business :smiley:

I find this tip sooooooo useful. Thank you.

It may be classified as a conversation topic because of his style of writing, but it has one of the most awesome tips I have seen since I joined Fiverr a month ago. Though I have worked so hard to get the level 1 badge, you don’t how many times I missed bidding on a request in the Buyers Request because of the displayed number of bidders. Thank you so much.