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My experience as a customer

My little rant. I started using Fiverr a few weeks ago with a few different accounts on advice from a colleague. Since than I have contacted nearly a hundred sellers for various graphics jobs. And oh boy, am I disappointed.

I only had ONE successful order. Every other order had to be cancelled because the ‘artist’ was in truth not a real artist and just using google to find pictures… Or they delivered such terrible work, that it was not even close to agreed upon order.

All orders have been cancelled, and that’s nice. What is not nice, is that I cannot review these people!?! They literally scam, lie, and are outright bad at what they do. Why on earth would I not be able to review these fakers and give them a bad rating as they deserve?

Anyway, because of this protection of the sellers I will be soon moving to another platform were the reviews are real… and not fake as it seems to be here with pretty much everyone.


I have a couple of questions. What services were you buying and how much were you paying?

Graphics jobs could mean anything from low skilled ‘remove background’ tasks to creating highly skilled custom artwork.

Just because sellers are charging $5 / $10 doesn’t mean they’ll be any good. Common sense has to apply. I’m based in the UK where I would be looking for an hourly rate of at least $30 / £22.

I have no idea what you were paying, but if it was below market rate then you can only expect to receive trash.


What order you made and what is your demand?

Hi @awierda

Sorry to hear that…
But just like @english_voice said…, if you hire a $5 “magic artis” who can finish their job in 5 min…, then no wonder their design is rubbish.

and for buyer benefit…, try to communicate with your seller about the project first.
From this…, you can learn how good/bad these seller actually are.


I think the price will match the quality.
I don’t think a professional artist will charge a small sum for their work.
I always communicate with the client before completing the order and try to immediately discuss the cost of the work. This helps weed out customers who want a lot for little money.

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences.

Sellers like that do exist here in the platform. But, I am a seller too, and I can guarantee you that there are also professional and skillful sellers here.

I agree with what others have already said - try to search for services that don’t charge just 5$.


Let’s consider a few details:

Covid crushed the job market. All of them. Unilaterally. If you don’t work for Amazon, you were negatively impacted by the virus in either a residual or soul crushing way.

Naturally, TONS of people scrambled to find new work in new mediums. Work that could be performed from home.

As a result, fiverr has been bombarded with new sellers, in every category, at every minute of the day.

Let’s imagine that fiverr had the resources, capacity or personal responsibility to verify every claim of every signee, in every instance where a new person signs up to be a virtual palm reader, or whatever else they’re selling. How long would that take?

Fiverr is the free market - plus interest. People are vetted by buyers, teams and in retroactive fashions. Buyers expect to throw money around without the slightest research into rankings, Fiverr’s vetting team, terms of service or the differentiating factors that protect you (the buyer) of being taken advantage of.

How does this work in the real world? When we go to a reputable restaurant, does it normally result in less mistakes than going to McDonald’s? Do we know this in advance?

Fiverr has specific sellers that it’s knowingly steered you toward to ensure a great outcome. These include:

Top rated sellers
Fiverr’s choice sellers
And Pro Sellers

These are folks that have passed certain criteria tests, or the test of free market results, that are trusted assets to the fiverr marketplace. They aren’t cheap. They shouldn’t be. A pro should not price compete with a novice.

But on the topic of novices, it’s this very system that allows talented people to develop maturation. Because of the free enterprise elements of fiverr, people can develop their skills into enormous talents.

Most of them won’t. We’ll know that when they don’t hold a significant ranking or gather many positive reviews.

Fiverr has a magnificent amount of materials specifically designed for us to navigate this platform. It’s literally everywhere. They’ve taken gigantic steps to ensure that people understand the risks of hiring small and they’ve made even larger leaps in explaining the value and security of target shopping for vetted pros.

Even still, mistakes are bound to occur. 100 mistakes? Probably not, so I’m going to assume you weren’t dealing with the most professional lot. And that really sucks.

As a Fiverr Pro, it’s been made absolutely clear to me that every “first time” customer that I encounter should be absolutely ecstatic about joining this community. Thing is, Fiverr Pro’s are vetted professionals in and out of the online marketplace sphere and no one would ever have to tell me that.

I assure you that all the resources you’re looking for are already here. Lots of them would love to help you and provide top tier quality for livable, professional wages.

Fiverr isn’t perfect. That’s what is so amazing about it.


Great post. Another thought following on from what you’ve written…

The op says they’ve tried nearly 100 sellers. Extraordinary! While I am making a massive assumption that they must have tried only sewer grade $5 sellers, had they invested that $500 in a proven seller with several hundred 5 star feedback ratings who charges a fair but not cheap price, I suspect the op would have seen a very different result.

I’m trying really hard not to jump to conclusions and make assumptions, but I suspect the op only has him / herself to blame for picking the wrong sellers to work with. There are many truly excellent skilled sellers on Fiverr. So to come across nearly 100 really bad ones, a buyer must have been really scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of price point and feedback ratings.


I don’t really have much to add to the detailed post above, but I’m curious - why did your colleague advise you to start using Fiverr with a few different accounts, and did you read the terms of service? I’d really recommend the latter, by the way, whether on Fiverr or on any other platform you want to try.

Wouldn’t it be fun if those 100 bad sellers you tried were actually the same 10 people with 10 accounts each? No, I guess not.


To answer some common returns;

I have contacted sellers ranging from 40 to 500USD per job, all were relatively small things.
I do this for our company and a few odd jobs for my personal life. Hence the different accounts, this is my private one
I have picked them not by price, but by their examples in their info.

ha, I would not be surprised. With one job the person did not even remember the details we talked about the previous day. Meaning there were multiple people working on that sellers account. They needed to make a logo for something with a picture of a dog which I included. Instead of mimicking the actual dog they googled some dumb picture and used that. Like how stupid can you be to not even look back at what was agreed upon with your colleague a day before.

But yet, I cannot give them a bad review as the order got cancelled. Which creates the illusion that all artists are 5 stars and great… Which makes reviews, an absolute untrustworthy thing on fiverr

Just in case: sellers do suffer consequences with each cancellation. First, you can fill a secret review that fiverr sends you and secondly every cancellation affect statistics of seller, which potentially affect how often they are showed in search and therefore loosing potential income and/or even loosing their level of their performance is lower than 90%.


So they spam accounts, in certain countries there a hundreds of accounts all selling the same stuff. I doubt there is any value in that system at all.

As an example: the same reason why we as a company have 30 different websites. If you wont go to one, you will eventually end up on our other. The cost & effort in that is negligible.

Im not saying all sellers are bad, I’m just saying its impossible to sort between the good and the bad as the review system is so horribly flawed.


Yes, Being a seller and buyer according to my experience, we need to search for right person. Fiverr is open for all.

Ah, I see, one company and one personal account already sound quite a bit different than “start with a few different accounts”.

Your grievance about not being able to review cancelled orders is partly understandable, but if you think about it from different angles, you’d see that it would enable the bad sellers who scam people and also have several different accounts to buy, get refunded and leave bad reviews to denounce the good sellers, their competition. It’s an issue that’s not so easy to handle, I guess. Do those other platforms you want to go to now allow you to review sellers if you get a refund?

They are not absolutely untrustworthy. If you compare, you can see that there are sellers who only have vacuous one-line reviews, and there are sellers who have detailed reviews that can tell you quite a bit, some are by account names that also could tell you something. I even have a review, for example, by a customer that actually tells people they can contact him/the company and he’ll gladly confirm that he was satisfied.

There are sellers who have bad reviews too, or mediocre reviews, not everyone has only 5 stars.
Just as much as a less than 5 star review (maybe it was a revenge review by a buyer who tried to extort more work from a seller, or who had a bad day, …) doesn’t tell you a seller isn’t good, only 5 star reviews don’t necessarily guarantee a good seller.

It’s very possible to find sellers who do good graphics work, but you need to compare with open eyes, and if you’ve shortlisted some then, start with something small before giving them a bigger order.
I’m a seller myself, so it might be easier for me to spot some things than for someone who is “just” a buyer, and also new, but in any case, I’ve bought graphic gigs myself, and all of them were okay, some even amazing, and amazing value for the money in any case.

Fiverr can be an absolutely great resource if you invest the time and small money for test orders to find the handful, or however many you’d need, sellers for every service you need, and stick with those then.

My recommendation for new buyers is to not get hung up too much over the “all 5*” but read the actual review texts and compare, do your due diligence (don’t hire a seller whose profile, all in all, doesn’t really seem to confirm that they may have actually designed the Nike logo, use image check for gig images), check their profile and gig description carefully and ponder whether it really inspires trust, use common sense when prices and delivery times seem too good to be true, …

The review system definitely isn’t ideal, in some things from seller’s point of view, too, by the way. Fiverr has changed a few things about it over the years as well, they do try to find the best compromises for everyone involved, I guess.


You can either leave a review, or get your money back. Not both.

It’s in the terms of service you have agreed to when you created your account (well, you’ve agreed to the terms a few times, when creating a few accounts).


In that case, as a hopefully decent Fiverr seller, I’m genuinely sorry you’ve had the experience you’ve had. There are many skilled sellers on Fiverr, but sadly we have seen an influx of low-skilled sellers over the past year or so - no doubt as a result of Covid.

Before you leave Fiverr, have you tried @marinapomorac? She’s a graphic designer, a regular in the forum, cares about delivering great work, and based on what I’ve seen of her comments she clearly understands the value of communication and customer service.

EDIT: I should add, there are quite a few respected regulars in the forum. While we don’t know each other in real life, there are certainly a handful of people on here I’m sure that we’d all recommend based on their values. Maybe we should start doing more of this in cases like this one where a buyer is simply looking for an honest and talented seller?


First, let me start with a Thank you to @english_voice for referencing me.

I had some amazing streak this week with clients coming to my GIG, reading the entire brief, and sending me all the details in my inbox which made order delivery a breeze. It is not a lot, only 4-5 orders, but there is something in coming in to check inbox and get a) to l) answers with details included.

Now, regarding your post @awierda, Not sure about others but I actually started as a buyer here in 2017 and only converted to the seller in April 2020. I lost over 400$ to scammers (never refunded because I am soft person and when they start mentioning dying children and apocalypse in their country I just gave up) so I understand your situation.

It took me one trip to Africa to change my mindset and stop giving to the “poor”.

You got your money back, but you lost your time, and time is more valuable than money.
It is therefore strange that someone told you to use Fiverr without telling you the real situation.

Usually, recommendations for Fiverr are “Go there, you will get a Moon and cake for $5, or even free if you cancel after delivery” - I see this every day on Twitter.

Now, to be extra serious here. When you say contacted, what did you have? List, details, description, storyboard, timeline, color palette? Did the seller responded with questions or did they just said: “I can do it, make an order”?

Right now I have a client who wants to make an order and payment for 3 days already and I am stopping him because I want to make sure he tests the design in his environment before accepting it.

Why do I do that? As @mariashtelle1 said

I prefer to have all the bits and pieces resolved before the actual order. And cancellations really hurt sellers’ accounts a lot.

If you believe sellers are frauds and or scammers you can report their profile, you do not have to buy anything from anyone to report him/her. But you need to present clear evidence for your statement.

There is value. On every 1000 scammers, there is one honest person coming from a country/region where any hope of success and happiness is lost, gone, nonexistent. He/she can not apply to work because he/she has no experience, too young too old not the right color not the right sex. And pandemic is making him/her locked in the house, which in most cases is not a house, but a box or cage.

Internet is providing that person the opportunity to gain new skills, do some online free courses, watch Youtube videos of anything and everything, from Adobe to design to web development to life coaching.
Fiverr is giving that person opportunity to sell his/her services and make money.

Rescuing one person from poverty is never a bad thing.

Yes, unfortunately, the “stink” of a pile of scammers surrounding him/her is bad.

But that is just life.
Less chocolate for the same price.



Hi your most welcome, I totally disagree with your comment in my opinion. i am not artist or not do such work, but as your put comment against such seller i welcome your comment but it doesn’t mean that you can put your review after cancellation of order because you have already cancelled order and if you are not happy with work you have dispute option on every Gig order, and if order was cancelled that means have received refund and seller lost revenue and time.

  1. if you hired any artist at 5$ or any amount you need to make everything clear for him what is your requirement and what is need, if he did work you can rate him based on his work but if he was unable to then you can cancel the order and ask them it’s not fulfil your requirements.


  1. Hire someone who has good review and portfolio
  2. read all description carefully before making order.
  3. Contact seller before order the gig, if you any question or confusion!

Fiverr is more easy platform where you hire quickly and filter based on experience, pricing etc!