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My experience as a new bie on fiverr

hi…everyone! for the past few weeks,have been here getting my self acquainted with new designs,blogs and ideas. So far,however its been cool being among the winning team. I have not made any sales tho, but am sure I will hopefully cross that bridge. Its nice being here!

Great to have you here. I would suggest getting a few people in your circle outside of Fiverr to use your services. You probably know someone that would benefit from what you do. They would have a great benefit and give you some great reviews to get you started.

There is alot of competition in your niche and you need some reviews to help get you started. You also could test showing 3 full size samples instead of the collage of images. Also see what you can do to make your thumbnail stand out from the rest when people are browsing.

If you did a free mockup with watermark for the first few orders, would that be time well invested in getting started. After the orders start coming, you can always stop that service. Your thumbnail could say really big, “Free Mockup with No Obligation” That would certainly get some attention.