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My experience as a transcribe on fiverr so far

My experience as a transcriber on Fiverr so far has been averaged, I am still waiting to gain momentum, however, I am still remaining positive. Fiverr is really revolutionary as it seeks to help everyone and not just the elites. My transcription journey began has a mistake somewhat, because I was supposed to be doing a task for a friend but that task was given to someone else and they gave me transcription at first I did not like it one bit, and I can tell the person that gave me the task was not pleased either but I brushed off and got started again.

You see the thing about the rich mindest verses the poor mindset is that one would have allowed me to say some and quit but my rich mindset allowed me to get up and brush off, transcription is not easy but I can tell you when I saw that first five dollars on my profile after I completed my first transcription I felt great.

Anyone can make it you just need to try.