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My Experience from New Seller to Level One Seller

Hey guys i am Zeeshan Ali and i would like to share an experience with you all, wondering if you have also gone through a similar experience. Back in December 2017 signed up to Fiverr as a seller and i luckily started getting orders till the mid of the month. Now, managed to complete loads of orders within those 2 - 3 months. Everything was going perfectly fine and i was excited about getting promoted to Level One Seller.
On March i became a Level One Seller, and all of a sudden i realized that orders were just not coming the way they were during my new seller session. Even the buyer request shows over 1000 users but it seems like the buyer request list is looping at a certain stage. The buyer request section doesn’t seem as fun as it was with new seller. I also noticed that not many users are contacting as a lot of inquiries regarding my gigs were coming on initial level. Now it seems like the impressions are dropping down, no new buyer is coming.

I am wondering what is the reason all behind this? I was expecting Level One Seller being more engaged with orders. I maybe had too much high hopes. Now and am soon going to be promoted to Level Two and my concerns are the same.

If anyone can share their thoughts / suggestions on this experience of mine it will be quite helpful and appreciated. Thanks


New users get a boost from Fiverr at the beginning and if you manage to get some orders then you’ll ride that wave until you keep delivering.

Once you start getting badges Fiverr will take the training wheels off and you’re on your own. If you can’t keep the momentum going then you will be less visible in search results.

Obviously there can be other reasons

  • It can also be that maybe your target audience were buyers who were filtering new sellers only.
  • Maybe there’s a new player in town who’s cutting into your market share

Anyway, you have basically 2 options

  1. If you believe that the problem is with the badge then stop responding to messages, your response rate drops and you’ll be back to new seller status in no time.
  2. Find your target audience, reach out to them and work your butt off to get more sales. The more you deliver the more visibility you get.
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Your points do make sense.
Thanks for the advise.

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