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My Experience on Fiverr for the last month

Hello, my name is Eis

I have currently used fiverr for more than a month now and been pretty happy with my results. I came from having 0 sale to almost 10 sales and hoping to rank up to Lvl 1 this week. I found that about 80% of my sales come from buyers request and about 20% was from the search.

My experience from buyer requests

It’s tough getting people to actually see your potential and get them to order right away when you are first starting out. I found the best method that worked for me was to be more personal and actually listen to their request and explain what you will do instead of telling them your skills and services.

How did you get your first few sales on fiverr ?


100% Agree With You

Yes, Buyer request is very effective for the new seller.

What do you mean by this? image


Still buyer request section is my only hope.:grinning:

Fiverr search engine or you could say Clicks from gigs :grinning:

Hi Eis,
You are lucky you got almost ten sales in your first month. It took me three months to get my first job on fiverr and I was so happy I can’t describe.

Best of luck and Congratulations you are close to Level 1. You will get Level 1 when you complete ten orders.

Keep doing the good work

Thank you


Are you messaging people to offering your gig service?

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I see thanks for telling :grin:

Oh good, because that is what I thought you were talking about, and that is against TOS.

Hey i was wondering if linking to my portfolio website against TOS or not ?