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My experience on fiverr has been disheartening!

Why state that a job can be be done for $5.00, such as a website and then increase the price when a buyer shows interest? What I requested is a very small website, with only four (4) products and PayPal which is advertised to come with the website. I think a level of urgency kicks in and now the seller begins to raise the price. My simple question is, don’t advertise that you will do a gig for $5.00 if you are not willing to. Maybe the name of the site should be “What’s Your Budget”? I am very disappointed. It’s equivalent to false advertising.

I can understand your frustration. I have used many sites for freelance. Several do let you set your budget. They are also disappointing.

I think the best way to look for freelancers who do not promise too much.

I have about 20% cancelled jobs from the sellers. This is really bad business. I would like a way to rank these jobs. Sometimes, I never hear from them. Fiverr should have a 3 strikes your out rule.

But, I have had enough good people who try and do a good job to make it worth the effort.

My advice is to contact the seller before you give them the job.

When you only hear one side of the situation it is hard to know where the truth lies. One thing that is clear, is that Fiverr says in their TOS that prices START AT $5 with the operative word being START. So the seller should describe what he will do in his gig description for $5 (the starting price). Anything beyond that, the seller can ask for a higher price.

As a seller, I have the opposite problem. It is clear in my description what I charge and I even state in the description what cost extra. But every day i get a buyer who doesn’t read the description and wants more than what the basic $5 gig calls for.

Until I see and read the gig you are referring to, it is difficult to say if what you say is the case or not.

As a professional website developer, I can tell you this much…

Fiverr can be very bad for a lot of industries… people see “$5 websites!” and expect to get a decent website (even if it is small) for $5. Fiverr is great for a lot of things… but NOT for things that actually take work.

A very basic/small template based website would be a 1-4 page site with NO ecommerce. This could be done probably in about an hour with very minimal to no customizing and not adding in content

A very basic paypal site can be an additional 2-5 hours easy.

A real programmer - even a beginner starts out at LEAST 12-15 an hour. You are expecting someone to make you a site for $5 that will pay them less than $1 an hour. When was the last time YOU got paid $1 an hour to do something?

Now if they actually say “I will make you a fully functioning website for $5” well…

Don’t believe it or don’t expect much.

This is a problem, that keeps popping up in the Forum.

Fiverr’s TOS implies that if a Seller creates a gig saying “I will do this for $5” - and then INSISTS that a potential buyer pay a minimum of (more than $5) before ANY work is done - that Seller gets their account deleted!


It’s called the “Bait And Switch” sales technique, and it is considered immoral everywhere - and even illegal (as in prison time!) in many places.


Fortunately, there is a SIMPLE solution, for the HONEST good Seller:

Simply state clearly what is being offered for 5 bucks… then add lots of “improvements/enhancements/expansions” in your list of Extras.


And from the HUGE number of profiles/gigs/Sellers I’ve reviewed here… Most Sellers take the HONEST route!


Sorry to hear that. :frowning:

I’ve had only good experiences of buying on Fiverr except for one inquiry where the seller was not actually selling anything for $5 at all but used Fiverr as a front to try and sell for $750 (FRAGGLESROCK).

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out others is not allowed on this Forum.

As a seller and buyer, my experience as a buyer has been quite rewarding. I have had few bad deals, but over all, no complaints.

I purchased a first gig and it was not for $10. It was to translate a document of 691 words from English to French. Unfortunately, there were errors so embarrassing since it was rejected by the editor stating the latter. When I told the Fiverr seller, this person accused me of being a liar. I was hoping that this person would at least take the time to correct the document. So, I cancelled the order. In turn this person responded with another nasty note and re-posted the same exact document. This means that the seller refused my cancellation telling me that it was a job well done. At which point I decided to pass it through Google translate. And it was exactly word per word Google translation. Anyway, I learned a lesson. From now on, if I were to hire someone I will interview them via Skype. If they they come up with an excuse then I will not hire them. I am posting this for future buyers to take the time to check out sellers. Also, I should have known better when this person only responded to part of my question. These are signs of mediocre work. Now it’s going to cost me 3X the cost since the person I will be using is more expensive. But, this new person came recommended by people I know and she’s very good. Turns out that this person also sells on Fiverr. I guess that’s good news.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. You might want to look for a more experienced seller with tons of sales and great reviews. The cheapest option is often not the best option. The interview through Skype is not a good idea since the exchange of personal information is against TOS.