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My Experience on Fiverr so far 😎


I am writing here to share my experience on Fiverr so far. I created my account in September, 2016, but got busy and did not manage to create any gigs - now I wonder why I didn’t :neutral_face::neutral_face:

Fast forward to year 2017 - it was September again - I created my first gigs and got an order the very next day. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the order with mutual agreement of the buyer as he was asking alot more to do than what was promised in the gig.

After a few days I got another order, the buyer was really good in communication and explained the problem in detail. I finished the order a couple of days before the due date and got a 5 start review. I have got 10 orders since then from 3 buyers, 9 of them have been marked as completed so far (all 5 stars) :balloon::balloon:

My primary gig is this one, but my best gig so far has been this one.

From my experience so far, all I can say to the NEW SELLERS is that Stop thinking, and Start doing ! Create a quality gig and there are more chances that you’ll get an order. Always be most honest with your buyers and keep them informed about the progress :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Wish you all success - Happy Selling :slight_smile:



Good Post! Wish you more great sales ahead. PS: what is Angular Software or Apps used for?


Thank you @graphics_pro360.

Angular is a platform from Google that makes it easy to build applications with the web technologies. Using angular you can build cross platform web, mobile, or the desktop applications. Also, Angular applications are optimized for speed and performance. In my opinion, angular is the best thing happened to web application development.

Angular is the future of web/mobile application development :slight_smile:


Awesome! So what are examples of softwares or Apps you can create? can you create a Youtube App or Facebook App or Instagram App?


These apps are native mobile apps. You can use angular to create hybrid mobile apps. For example, using ionic framework, you can create an app for android / iOS by using Html / CSS & TypeScript. You can learn more about angular on their official website.


It’s wonderful that you have a skill that’s in demand along with a platform like Fiverr that allows you to market yourself. Congratulations to you! :clap:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Nice post. Like it. Its really helpful.