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My experience on fiverr so far


Hi everyone i hope you are all doing well i have come here to write my experience on fiverr well my experience is not too good because i have not got any of assignments so far, I am quite positive that I will some day get a chance to complete my first task. Let me briefly introduce myself my name is taimour tariq and i am a student of Chartered accountancy final i love to work on computer :computer: and find myself an opportunity to work online
Thanks for reading bye :wave:


Hello there,

Welcome to the site! Fiverr is not a case of signing up and then the next weeks you have cash. For the first few months I did not get a single order, then I was happy to receive my first order, to do a long, detailed business plan for only $5, which cause I did not know the system, ended up sending it to the seller without being paid.

Basically, you will need satisfy the following matters; with regards to other people already being fully established in your area.

  1. Trust - you need reputation - clients will be very hesitant before becoming the first person to test a new buyer.

  2. Reputation - The higher reputation you get, the more your gigs will be seen and again, buyers are more comfortable buyer from reputable buyers.

  3. Review and Edit: If you are not constantly reviewing, updating and keeping an eye on the other gigs within you specific sector - then something is not going right. The only time you should not be doing this is when your flooded with work.

This is what I feel is essential, there are other factors, such as the competitiveness of your industry. Also, try create original, new and unique gigs.

Best of luck in the future,

Edit: I feel that your profile description feels as if it belongs on a social media site - those few sentences you have you need to get through to the client what you can do.


Thank you for your feedback