My experience on this awesome platform. You can share yours in the comments :)


Dear community,

I hope everyone here is doing very well. This is my first post and I want to share my experience to work with fiverr. I am an iOS Developer. I have done years of work in companies. I have started my work on fiverr in January 2016. In my previous work experience and in the fiverr working experience, I have realize one thing that before fiverr I work for my bosses and now I am working for buyers who are like my friends and I really enjoyed to work with them and now I am level 2 seller and I am happy to achieve this.

What I have learnt is that when I work freely with my friends then I perform well as compared to work with agencies. I always keep one thing in my mind that everyone wants to make happy their friends by helping them and work for them. That feels really good that I am helping others using this awesome platform and I feel really happy when my buyers are happy with my work and provide me good reviews that thing strengthen me to do much more.

I think enjoy your work is equal to enjoy your life and motivation gives very much energy to do good work.

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Your profile is very good. Keep it up.


Thanks I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Good going! We need more sellers like you on Fiverr.


Good one for you. Keep it up


I’ve used Fiverr for years and it’s helped me in so many different ways. I’ve ran a few different eCommerce stores in the past and used Fiverr for help with SEO, video marketing etc, I’d honestly be stuck without it. Running the online shops was great but I found that my true passion was in the actual design of them. So I decided to put a gig up on fiverr offering to design online stores for people.

The gig was up for a few months until I got my first order, to be honest I totally forgot I had it on there. I was so happy though. I remember working so hard on it and went above and beyond what was asked of me in the hope I got more gigs. After that I got another gig for my premium package costing $295 and I still talk to that client today, we became really close friends and still work together on other projects. I have now had around 9 completed gigs all 5 stars and my clients extremely impressed with my work and the fact I still help them weeks after the sales complete.

It’s been such an amazing experience for me. I’m doing what I love to do and I know that I’m good at. I’ve met some amazing people and if things keep going the way they’re going, i’ll hopefully be able to quit my full time job and become my own boss.

Thank you Fiverr


That’s wonderful to hear @declanmaltman1

Congratulations :slight_smile:


So far its been a good experience for me as a buyer, but currently i have a seller who keeps on messaging me even tho the services have been met and paid for. I’m just trying to ignore him but its starting to get to me.


Thanks for sharing your great experience @declanmaltman1.


Congratulation :slight_smile: Go ahead


@kpopfanforever This is bad. You can directly ask him that this is annoying. If he do not leave that behavior then you can report him or contact customer support.


Thanks @wpspecialist24 :slight_smile:


you are welcome :slight_smile: carry on