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My Experience Selling On Fiverr So Far

How’s it going everyone :slight_smile: Hope you’re all doing well.

Recently I decided to join the freelance community by offering some expertise that I found I was good at. It’s been really slow starting off but granted I expected that with the amount of time I’ve been allocating to freelance work. Regardless, so far it’s been interesting and liberating. Being your own boss is a nice feeling.

I just want to share with you and maybe you guys could share with me what works best for bringing in sales. So far, I have two reoccurring clients for blog post writing. I’ve wrote over 100 blog posts, many of them which have achieved page one rankings and driven much passive viewings to my site with little or no promotion. I felt I was confident enough to offer these services to others. Anyway, I’ve so far had two reoccurring clients. Starting off what I’ve found best to generate sales is to offer your services for as cheap as possible, deliver them as soon as possible and exceed your clients expectations. I don’t mind putting in the extra work load initially and get under paid for what I’m offering as long as it drives up my reviews. Which it has been. But better yet my two clients are talking to their work friends about my services and now I’m getting messages from them. Word of mouth is a great marketing tool.

Also, I’ve been using Facebook groups. Targeting specific individuals that are selling certain products that may or may not have a blog on their website. I’ve explained to them why it’s important. And it seems to bringing in some more attraction. We will have to wait and see if they convert to sales now.

Anyway I thought I would share with you my experience so far. Hopefully it’s valuable to you. I’d love to hear your first time starting off and how you generate sales :slight_smile:


I believe most of us started at lower price range to get some reviews on our profile, but eventually, you have to increase your prices or you’ll burn out. Success on this platform is not measured by how many hours you work, it’s measured by how valuable your hours are in buyers’ eyes.

There are sellers who spend half a day writing an article and charge $5 for it.
And then there are sellers who spend maybe 2-3 hours and charge $100+ for it. In my opinion, as long as they find buyers they are the more successful sellers :slight_smile:


I appreciate your perspective and will keep it in mind. However I do have a question for you. Do think that by increasing the price of a service you previously charged previously clients will drive them away?

The target audience will most likely change, but that’s OK.
If you lose the clients who are not willing to pay more than $5 then that’s fine because if your gig offers a good value then you’ll find buyers who are willing to pay more.

The important thing here is that you can raise your prices if your service is actually worth more or if you add more value. There have been plenty of sellers who increased their prices and they didn’t get any orders.

That makes sense. Do you think you should offer more for the price increase within that specific service?

You’re offering 500 words for $5. If you believe that your service is worth more then increase it to $10 and see if buyers agree with you.

If you don’t get any orders, then maybe it’s not worth $10 or the right buyers are not finding you.
There are plenty of “how-to” posts here that will help you market yourself and add more value to your gigs.

PS. Your gig description includes an external link that is not allowed. You might wish to remove it.

Cheers for the information! I didn’t know that thanks for the heads up

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