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My experience so far in fiverr

Hi there people!! I have been in fiverr for more than a year by now and by the time being I have had 14 orders completed, most of then with a perfect 5 star rating and very pleased clients and just a few that just didnt leave any review or was an ass for being a buyer that take advantage of other seller to re-sell my job as his, thats my only bad review and canceled order without mutual cancellation… I began in fiverr as a newbie digital illustrator and content creator for social media but the only gig I get orders from is the video editing jajajaja, thats the one that gets the most impressions and click of all of my other gigs (I’m deleting then to make new ones)… With all my effort and luck gettings those orders I’ve managed to earn my first 100$, You may think thats not a lot of money. The thing is I’m from Venezuela and with just 10$ is like having a gold bar if you can exchange it to Bs. I’ve saving What I got to buy a new laptop If I get the chance on earn 300$-400$ in total before december (imposible, I know jajajaja)…


If you have proof he sold your work and still cancel it,then contact the CS with proof, you will get your money back.

Buyers can do anything that they want with the work they hire you to create – including reselling it. It is their purchased work, after all. You no longer own it after delivery.

This comment has nothing to do with the OP’s comment. He was merely expressing frustration at something previous buyers of his have done. It is also unwise for you to give false advice. Your advice isn’t helping anyone – especially since Fiverr can do nothing about how buyer chooses to use the work they legally purchased from a Fiverr seller. Fiver does NOT give refunds in situations like this, as it is not their responsibility to police how buyers use legally purchased services.

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the job wasnt done, I gave a sample to my buyer that shouldnt be shown to the client, my buyer did otherwise and show an unfinish job that the client didnt like, the client then cancelled the buyer’s order and thus my buyer cancelled mine, is that fair? I could have deliver a better product if I’ve had communication with the final client and not with the third party buyer…

What I mean is… Is it fair that I receive a bad review for a third party buyer because his order was shut down?

Well, my friend wrote a website content for a client. The client said he doesn’t like the content and weeks later he uploaded the content on his site… She got the website address and screenshots for prove mailed to CS. She got her money back but no remedy for the dropped stat.

When someone asks for refund, make sure you upload your work on a public portfolio ASAP. After you upload it, ping it to Google. That’s the only way to protect yourself against those that try to steal you. When they will upload it, it will be stolen content, not original.

A buyer can do anything he wants with the work he ordered. Your friend should not have given him a refund. She basically gave him her work for free.

As far as Fiverr giving her her money back, that was very kind of them. They were not required to do so. And they don’t “remedy dropped stats”. That is outside of their purvue.