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My experience so far on fiverr


Hello everyone. I have been a seller for about 2 years now and have received just one oder. Please I need advise or assistance on how to get orders.Comments would be greatly appreciated thanks


Hi! My advice would to be start promoting yourself if you are not already. The whole 2 years you have been here have you been doing your buyer requests everyday, improving and making new gigs, ext? Buyers might not know you are here if you don’t promote yourself! Hope this helps


Well Zoe thanks for your comment. I have been doing buyers request regularly. Don’t really get what you mean by promoting yourself. Do you mean through social media platforms or something else?


Maybe, Janet, potential buyers are being turned off by the awkwardness of not knowing how to call you, Carly.


Hello there thanks for commenting . Call?. Do you mean message me. Or is there no means to message a seller apart from placing an order?


Ahahahhaah idostuff74 just roasted you!! Your profile pic is of someone with another name (Carly) so ppl don’t know what name to call you when talking to you XD (I just ruined the joke, sorry). That’s hilarious. Not sure if it is your real face or not but that was some good stuff!


Hey Janet/Carly, can you answer why as a Yale graduate in English that your description isn’t in good grammar?

And why you state you’re in the United States yet do not have a US time zone?


I checked your Gigs. Your Gigs has a big problem. You did not use right Tags. How can you clients find you? You customers will get you through this Tags. Use best and proper 05 Tags to your each Gig. You can follow best selling gigs in your category. Also if you can add your video, then it will be Great. Best of luck.



Yup! That is what I mean :smiley:


Nothing much to say here except that honesty is always the best policy. Also a lot of buyers check the forum and will see what is going on here . Most Fiverr buyers are also quite astute.


guys I am also same as you.w I have no work.I felling a upset moment


If you want help just post your own heading under the category “Improve My Gig”. Also I checked your email signature gig and others are offering this at $5 so maybe consider reducing your price until you move up the levels.


Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. Would look into them