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My experience so far


When I first heard about this site, I was a bit iffy due to the fact that I was in art college, and at the time I did not feel confident about my art. Once I got gigs, I started to feel really good about myself due to the fact that I was getting experience with using my art for people, and at the same time, improve on my art. It was all good until about a year ago when I started to get messages about gigs, and I will not get any follow up with the ones who were contacting me. I understand that sometimes people don’t see that they have messages, but it would be really nice to send a message saying whether or not they are interested anymore. It gets my hopes up, and I feel that my time is being wasted. Even before the gigs are approved, I make sure that I look up the things that are needed, and think of ways to approach what I have to do. Now I don’t get as excited when I get messages for gigs because I never know if I will get a reply.


:expressionless: bit of confused with your experience .


It made more sense in my head. Sorry about that. Basically I get a message asking if I can do a certain thing, and then they proceed to ask questions about prices. I respond, and I tell them, but eventually I never get a respond from those who are interested in my gigs. It brings me down a bit when that happens. Even a message saying that they are not interested anymore would be nice.


@jennamae Mam it mostly happen when you Respond Late First time ! stay tuned to fiverr and respond as soon as you get message from Buyers.


to my understanding, you need to revise your prices!! believe me on fiverr, people are even ready to work for free for reviews and 5 stars!! you need to lower your prices if you know they are not contacting you. also provide samples of your work in the first message. only send one message at a time and try to talk professionally. there is a tough competition out there and any slackness can cause failure. i sometimes get angry when i miss to reply while i am asleep lol! otherwise im checking fiverr every 10 minutes and refresh your app as well every ten minutes. send buyers request and try contacting your old customers, who have already worked with you. its a tough market and customer grabbing is a hard job


@jennamae Yes Listen to her ! i am one of witness She always respond in few minutes ,24x7


It’s like being rejected at a job interview. It’s a numbers game. The more messages you tend to, the more your chances of making a sale. Unfortunately, this also means that the number of rejections go up.

Still better than getting your hopes too high and being disappointed right? :slight_smile: It’s a good sign though. That’s what works for all freelancers.

Reserve an unemotional stoic version of your for certain kinds of interactions (one where returns aren’t guaranteed, like when placing a bid or responding to queries), and only bring your real self to bear when the situation demands it, like when working on an order after an order has been placed.