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My Experience Tip: choosing your customers, skilled or amateurs?

Hello, from time to time I’ll post tips from my personal experience here in this fantastic Fiverr community!

My first “tips” topic is about: Choosing your customers right… you are reading correctly.
Because you have the customers you deserve :blush:

This just means that depending the quality of your service, the prices you choose, how many technical words you use in your descriptions and overally the “wow” effect of your GIG, you attract specific customers, mainly skilled or amateurs.

The amateurs are easier to attract and usually search for low prices and easy descriptions.
The skilled are the ones I love and prefer, are more difficult to attract but want to pay more for better skills and a better service, practically, they want a real professional like you!

The good thing of having customers who know what you are doing in your job is also that they can appreciate the details, and there is an interaction. They can be part of your creative process! The entire experience has a totally different value this way!

So, how do you balance your GIG between skilled customers and amateurs? Your experience? Maybe it’s time to raise your prices? What do you say? :blush:


You so eloquently described why I raised my prices ages ago. It cut out the vast majority of sketchy inquiries and orders.

Truly professional clients know that if they want value, they need to pay accordingly.

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thank you, it’s great to read replies like yours. The reason is that not always this “mechanism” is obvious… it’s fair that we must point newbies to the right direction.

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