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My Experience Tip: How to get more orders

This is a big problem for anyone starting out. Newbies don’t have a clear idea on how to solve this problem. The problem is easy: they are newbies. I know seems a tongue twister but it’s true.

Fiverr is not a starting point, is the ending point of a job, where you build a career on your specific talent.

Ok, simple: branding yourself is the way to go. Means your “nickname” is a label, and you are promoting it. It’s complex, because you must have an homepage pointing to your Fiverr services (as example embedding Fiverr seller badge on your website or blog).

You must be active on social (which means posting interesting news about your talent, your job, your ideas, your field and so on. MUST be interesting, not stupid posts).

This way people recognize you and your talent. When all of this is done, you’ll receive job requests automatically. But if all of this is not done (and you need months or years to be recognized), probably it’s better if you give up :blush:

ok seriously, begin right now improving your brand and see if things improve, but wait a couple of months. It won’t happen in a day or week. :blush: :+1:


First off, I have to say I love your work, I think you’ve phenomenal talent and I have bookmarked your page for the day when I want a custom score for a VO demo.

(Bookmarked you a few days back actually)

But I disagree with almost all you posted here…

Why would you do that?

Why would you have a website, then send your own personal traffic to a marketplace?

My website is not going to mention Fiverr at all, it will however mention “buy now” and be loaded with reasons for them to buy direct from me. I waited three years for my domain to drop and be available*, there ain’t no way on earth I’m pointing anyone anywhere other than my own sales channels and payment partners.

*= long game, marathon, not a sprint…

If I can’t mention my own website on fiverr, then I’m not giving them a mention on my own site, or driving any traffic to them when they take such a cut on all sales here.

They’re not having it both ways. My site is my revenue. They can take a cut on what’s theirs but my organic stuff is mine and I ain’t having someone take a slice on that except payment processing partners.

I know there’s an affiliation / fees back thing, but it’s not enough to entice me to route traffic here.

I’ve been on your personal site, I honestly think it’s a waste to point people here when you can potentially convert them under your own power.

I don’t understand why you would get a client via your own site, one you can talk to via whichever means you wish, and have them pay direct into your bank, than funnel them into Fiverr’s realm of restrictions where you no longer set the rules of engagement, and have to wait for funds to clear.

There’s no business logic in that, well none that I can see.


I have no time for social media. None. It’s cancerous for the brain; the family unit and all that is wholesome.

I was going to write a book years ago, had been hit up by a couple of publishing houses and rejected them both when I realised it’s better, and more empowering to be written about, than it is to write, less effort too!

I apply the same theory to social: it’s better to be posted about, than it is to post.

There is only one network for business, the others are for cat pictures and expressing how much you love you mother.

An hour on Linked In is worth more gold than a year on Facebook.


Just to be fair, in modern world the ones about cats and your mother are exactly the best place for your small business (aka freelancing career in this case) to be. That is THE place to sell your services.
Personal use of social media = waste of time, yes, but great place for business.

Not in the context of fiverr though, there is no point to make any connection between fiverr profile and social media, that much is true.

I disagree because your family and friends on social already know about what you do, therefore you’ve preaching to the converted and they’re unlikely to buy from you.

Why promote to an audience who a) already knows what you do and b) is unlikely to buy from you, when c) if they did they’d be after a friends and family discount so you’d be working for free.

What’s the point?

No, of course you don’t promote to YOUR cat and their mother (or the other way around), you promote to someone elses daughters, mothers and cat owners, whomever your audience might be :slight_smile:

Then you’re talking about demographic advertising which isn’t social media; it’s paid advertising.

I am not, although paid advertising that stays within social media and doesn’t redirect people to some personal sites is a great tool aswell. I’m talking about the same thing OP mentioned, which is essentially creating content that has value to your audience and sharing it on your professional social media page:

That brings engagement, engagement brings sales. It can be aesthetically pleasing content, valuable advice or pure entertainment, whatever works best for your field.

Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Many thanks :blush: now I explain better my ideas…

Ok, I am not setting an homepage for that. I mean, I set an homepage for myself, to represent me and tell my story. And I point also to Fiverr (as example with the badge) but it’s optionally. I don’t create an homepage for pointing to Fiverr, I create an homepage to improve my brand.

I have 30000+ direct contacts on LinkedIn (1st degree contacts). I am an active networker and networking is part of any branding strategy.

About Facebook, it is a very powerful platform and if you don’t see this alone, I can’t explain, really.