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My Experience Tip: Ultra-empowering your GIG!

Good morning, my today’s Experience Tip is about: empowering your GIG, no wait, Ultra-empowering! Ok, what does means.

I mean to create an infuse of your skills, experience and talent. Put anything in your GIG and improve the WOW effect, so when a customer will be in front of it will be amazed by your

  1. title
  2. image
  3. description
  4. demos

Let’s start with the title. It must be not too long and not too short. And clearly must explain your service highlighting your talent.
The image must be a fantastic, coloured image, to attract even from a long distance!
The description must be clear, immediate, simple but enough technical and must explain your skills and professionality.
The demos are the most important, because they represent directly your skills and talent.

Don’t forget: all of this if YOU ARE TALENTED! if you are not, just change job!

Begin with a GIG, and then pass to the second or the third. But before creating one GIG after another, consider that each GIG must be powerful itself! It’s a lot better to have few powerful GIGs than an impressive number of useless GIGs.

Except if you are a multi talent, of course. You are? well, go ahead. But if you are not skilled, experienced and talented, change job!!! :blush:

Have fun, but always provide an impressive service! We are here to impress the customers with our talent :blush: