My Experience with a Bad Buyer


I think the title should be “My Bad Experience with a Buyer”. I don’t believe any buyer is bad; some may be hard though, usually due to lack of communication. So what really happened?

Apart from writing and design services, I also offer Market Research Services at a starting price of $5 per 100 word.

I always encourage buyers to chat with me before ordering my gig.

Unfortunately for me, this buyer wrote a list of requirements he wants, ordered my gig without prior conversation, and opted to pay $5. From experience this project could reach 2,000 words.

Being a professional seller, I quickly sent a reply within 5 minutes explaining my services to the buyer in anticipation of a reply. I waiting for a day to pass, I didn’t receive any feedback. As I moved to the order page to cancel this project, I noticed that my buyer had replied.

Strangely, I didn’t receive any notifications from fiverr - not via email, notification panel, or my mobile app. That got me thinking. I received notifications form other buyers while dealing with this buyer.

To cut the story short…

Being a good salesman (winks), I convinced my buyer to pay $100. Next, I sent a gig extra of $95.

Guess what?

My buyer said he couldn’t pay for the extras that there were system errors. And then, he requested that I go ahead and work and when I have the job ready he would pay (Something smells fishy).

Wow, you would pay? Unfortunately, time is the most important thing to me. No pay, no work. And that was how we cancelled the gig.

Lessons on Fiverr so far

Be good at what you do and the sky is your starting point

Do not be afraid to lose clients - when I started out newly, I wanted everything for myself.

There will always be clients

Maintain your calm and speak politely at all times

Always be professional in your approach


I assure you that there are bad, dishonest buyers out there, although they are vastly outweighed by the wonderful ones. You handled it correctly. No need to deal with the ones who want $100 worth of work for $5. Send them on their way. If you are good at what you do buyers will stand in line and pay what you ask.


Reply to @misscrystal: You took the words right out of my mouth. I wish newbies will learn this.
We need the money, they need the service - nobody’s favor outweighs the other.


One Of Buyer Do Very Bad With Me First He Give The Order After When I Send Him All File’s He Open A Dispute To Cancel The Order He Is The Seller To But His Rating Is Too Down


Aye Aye captain.
I wish I won’t meet a bad buyer :innocent:


Well, on a positive note, you are a great story teller.

I was on the edge of my seat while reading your post.

Now, that I have looked at your profile, I see why…you are a copywriter!

Have you ever written a script for a TV show? You should. I was just wondering because I am going to submit a script to one of the web series networks; you should as well.