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My Experience With A Bad Client

March 17 I have got a message about a project with some details.

I am a local tour operator in Turkey. I have a domain and hosting arranged.
Wordpress and responsive website.
Download time 3-4 seconds max.
Unlimited landing pages.
One step update to all social media and listings like tripadvisor etc.
Link to social networks.
Live chat, whatsapp chat, translation, currency exchange, google maps location services and plug ins.
My budget is 150 USD.

I hop on board as a new seller in fiverr. Now it is three months and the client is still changing things in the fly. I have done almost everything to make the project end in a positive not. Yesterday i delivered the project and he says the project is not done yet. He reported me and i got a warning in fiverr.

My Experiences
The only bad thing i did was i started the project after 7 days and that is okey because the work i had to do could take mostly 5 days and i have already asked for 15.

About the client

He is very a stubborn person with no idea about the project all he has a document and idea in his mind how the website should be. He bought a theme with many limitation and asked me to do things which is not part of the scope of the project. He does not want to discuss things and think he is always on the right. Once i do something he will come with a change. When i fixed the change he is gonna come with another change. Not will take about a day or so to just give me the change idea. By working with him i understood that he only had a idea and bought a theme which does not go with the concept that he has.

At first everything is going smooth. I did work on things as the given instructions. I have worked in the homepage for nearly 2 months. Assume i started 7 days after taking the job and did not work for 1 day a week for that time. Imagine how many changes i had to make there. But somehow i made it like the way he wants and move on to other things. Now it should have been some simple landing pages. But he has something else in mind. He made me create other landing pages with various options and this landing page took about 15 days to complete not because of me but for him. He gives a rough instructions and vanishes for few days, come back and suggest to change. He wants to used options provided by theme in his way which is not possible at all. When i try to talk and make him understand the shortcoming of the theme, he does not wanna talk. Whenever i ask is the project complete he says we have more works. I dunno how much work should i have to do for the project. The only thing that i have not meet in the option(in terms of being accurate) the unlimited pages. If this continues it is going to take more than a year and i have to move on with other projects. So I delivered the project and he reported me. I got a warning from Fiverr.

Now the thing is i don’t wanna continue the project and i know i have done the job properly. But he is not accepting the order. Should i wait for the order to be complete in 3 days. Whatever happens i am the looser here, just because i wanted continue working for this client after this amount of time and

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