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My experience with a fellow fiverr seller exploiter

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I’m sharing an experience i had with another fellow fiverr seller/buyer exploiter, this “guy” bought from me a gig to code a button for him for his blog using cookies to save the data, he was happy with the finished delivery, he even asked to write the message that he will put as a feedback (which i declined and a asked him to describe his experience) then he gived me a 5 stars, later on asked me to replace the cookies with database for his code which wasn’t in the first offer, i declined and asked him friendly to search for another seller to do that task.
A day later he changed his feedback to 1 star with a negative feedback ( i don’t know how) i contacted the support they said they can’t do anything about the feedback, asked for cancellation just to get rid of the feedback that was declined too.

So did you guys had any similar situations ? and what do you guys think about this ?



Fiverr’s Terms of Service strictly forbid exchanging refunds/cancellations for feedback removal.


I do understand that, it’s for the seller with a fake feedback because that was his intention from the start

Did you explain him that asking additional work in the same amount is against the Fiverr’s Terms of Service
I mean if he needs any changing with that code then it’s right, But in your case he was satisfied and already give 5 star
try to explain the buyer that this is additional work and it will cost extra charges that’s it

Other wise I’m 100% agree with Catwriter.

That sounds incredibly frustrating. It’s irritating that people on this forum are so quick to give such blunt answers. Like jeez people, lighten up. I’m sorry that you have to go through something irritating like this with a buyer.

Exactly, i have been on fiverr for almost 5 years and i still feel like anyone can ruin your profile anytime just be spamming 5$ orders with 1 star


Of course i did, i wouldn’t just ignore him and wait for his feedback, the task he asked me for was first of out of the budget and also out if my skills (more complex than what i wrote in my post) and also something that i didn’t mention he said “You cant solve it ok thanks” and then ordered a second order even tho i said i can’t just to get my cancel ratio down.

That’s weird. As far as I’m aware, since some time the buyer can’t change their rating unless the seller asks them to through the resolution center?

“Only sellers can edit their feedback.”


That is just not right. There should be much more security for a seller against terrible buyers.

I know, that’s the part i didn’t understand… because i’m also a buyer and when i put a feedback i can’t edit it anymore, even my reply my reply was to his 5 stars and i can’t edit it

So weird really, the only thing I could think of would be that it’s maybe a bug and let him edit because he’s not “only” a buyer but a seller too, but I haven’t heard/read about that before. Did you ask Customer Support about it?

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I think that the buyer can ask CS to remove the feedback, and then they can write a new one.


I suppose. Would be a good idea to update that page with the “Only sellers can edit their feedback.” then, so sellers it happens to aren´t left guessing.
Would be fair and useful too if CS sent an order update to the seller in such cases, with the reason the buyer gave for the editing of the review, so the seller would know why the buyer did it and could improve what went wrong, or prove to CS that the buyer´s reason was no good reason, depending. :slight_smile: