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My experience with a Seller!


So, i had an order for my Gig ‘‘SEO Ranking of 3 YouTube video’’. Before placing the order, buyer talked with me for a couple of times. I answered all the questions and explained how my gig will work. I also highlighted that that my gig usually takes 1 to 8 weeks to show the result. My gig description also explains how my gig works, how long it takes and what buyer needs to do. After a few conversations with the buyer, finally the buyer placed the order of $30. I was so happy to have an order as a new seller. I delivered the product in time and waited for the buyer’s respond. However, for two days i did not hear anything. So, after two days, i sent a text to my buyer and asked if they are happy or not.

After a while, my buyer responded and told that my action is fake and she doubts on my skills. Asked for a lots of proves for me being an YouTuber, asked for my income from youtube, and screen shots of everything. Normally, i am a very calm guy and always try to solve issue calmly. However, after a buyer raised question on my integrity i got really sad and upset. I responded to the buyer that my gig already starting working as their video is getting views and also remind that my gig usually take 1 to 8 weeks to show the result. But buyer kept questioning my integrity. So, i offered the refund which the buyer accepted. After refund the money, i did not removed my work as i wanted to show the buyer a proof that i did not cheated with them.
Today, i checked their video and found out that one of their one video got 8000 views, another got 7 thousand views o and another got 500 views after 12 day of my work. And views are keep increasing. This is the link of my gig I Will Do Mega YouTube Video SEO Rankings With Google Plus. You will notice that my gig is fully described without any confusion. There is no way I can prove my technique instantly after providing the gig, as it takes 1-8 weeks for the results to appear. My gigs are not fake, no fake results are provided and I already have clients extremaly happy with my service. I always honestly explain to my clients what to expect and also expect trust from their side to do my job.My question is how to deal with those kind of buyers?


If your service takes up to 8 weeks to be effective, I don’t see how you can ask a buyer after a couple of days if they’re happy or not.

The longest gig time you can have is 30 days - whatever you’ve supplied should have been effective in this time, so the buyer can mark the delivery as complete, and rate you accordingly.

How can you offer a service which takes up to 8 weeks to work, and expect your buyer to leave good feedback when you say you’ll deliver in only 2 days?

Maybe you need to rethink your gig? :slight_smile:


Your gig is well written and does not make wild promises like many SEO sellers do - good for you!
However, your gig says you will provide a 100% refund if the buyer is not happy.
You have no case.


Thank you for your comment. But if you read my post and my gig description then you will see that i already mentioned how my gig work and what a buyer can except. So, when a buyer place a order she or he already accepted the agreement and understand the product. About asking, well i asked if they are happy with the delivery or not. Not the result, as i also know it will take time. Again, i did not asked for the review as i never ask for that.

Rethink…well this how my gig work, i can’t help. I don’t make video animation or logo so people can see the result over night. However, i appreciate your feedback. Thank you.


But your ‘agreement’ is outwith the ToS provided by Fiverr, who say that a gig should take no longer than 30 days. I understand you’re not asking for a review, but by having something that takes up to 8 weeks, your buyers can’t leave you a review even if they want to.

I just don’t want you to get into bother by having buyers who can’t leave a review, or unwittingly breaking the ToS.


It is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service to offer a service that takes more than 30 days to deliver.


Hi, i have no problem with the refund and i also don’t want to make money when buyer is not happy. I am little confuse about the agreement, how a buyer rapidly change their mind. I need suggestion, on those case how i should deal with. Anyway, thank you very much for taking a look at my gig and for the feedback.


Buyers can be unhappy for thousands of reasons but if you do what you say you would do and show it then you deserve to be paid.
What if your buyer expected that they would gain 10 million views on their videos but when that doesn’t happen they are unhappy? Is that your fault? NO! Like I said, you are not making wild claims, your gig explains what you do an so buyers have no right to a refund when you do it - except that you offer it.

The others above are right too by the way - if you say that your gig will improve their rankings and views etc then this has to be shown within 30 days. That’s the rules.


Thank you for the info. However, i deliver my service within 3 days. But i said ‘‘Generally, it takes 1 to 8 week to see the RESULT of this Gig’’ so i don’t think it against fiverr T&C. I might be wrong as i am new to fiverr and still learning. However, i really appreciate your feed back.


You are wrong, simple as that.
We’ve stated so several times.
You can’t say that your results take any longer than the 29 days that you have. Simple as that. So you either have to do things that can be seen in the results in a month or stop.
It’s in the TOS, all you have to do is actually read it.

Doesn’t matter if you deliver it in a day or on the 29th day, results have to be seen in 29 days.

Take a moment and actually read the TOS.


Alright. I will read it again And will rewrite my gig description. Thank you.


You could have waited 3 days and the job would have been automatically set completed, since he wasn’t responding, and since you told in your gig that it will take weeks to see results, and like it was said, since you knew the effect will come in weeks, why would you ask the client if they were happy? And [quote=“eoinfinnegan, post:3, topic:149487”]
a 100% refund
You just open the door to never make income, because everyone can then say they are not happy after delivery and you have to refund. Rethink your strategy and get rid of 100% refund thing and good luck.


Thank you very much. I really needed those kind of suggestion from the experience seller. And thats the reason i posted my experience here. Even, i learned some thing new that my gig description might against T&C, which is really helpful. I will get rid of this 100% refund things and rewrite it again.


I cannot tell you how nice it is to see someone listen, learn, thank people and then take action.
You will do very well on Fiverr, just stick to it!


Thank you very much. Your comment really motivational. Greeting from Sweden!


I just now took a look at his gig description, and he has gotten rid of those. A rare presence on the forum. Welcome @didaralam274.